The Fun of Gardening for Flowers

Thursday, June 13, 2017 My Country Garden Time to recreate!   I enjoy gardening and so love country gardens and cottage gardens. I love gardens overflowing with beautiful flowers. Simple, rustic, and filled with beautiful blooms is  my thing.   Making my yard beautiful from the winter has become a slow process and I’m behind.Continue reading “The Fun of Gardening for Flowers”

Happy May!!! Let the Sunshine In & the Grass Grow

May 1, 2017 My Crazy Life… They say April Showers bring May… well, you know how the saying goes. I’m beginning to be a bit on the random side. April in review… Ugh, maybe not!;) As the end of April came to a close, I enjoyed the beautiful Sunday day from the back of aContinue reading “Happy May!!! Let the Sunshine In & the Grass Grow”

I’m Thinking a Little PINK!

March 4, 2017 Hello  Friends, Happy Saturday… I’m not the frilly-girly-type, but I do LOVE PINK! 😉 Pink is a feel good color. For me, it’s associated with femininity, romance, a softer side, or childhood. Depending on its hue, pink can be sophisticated, elegant, or youthful and lighthearted. And since Spring is approaching. Lately, I’ve beenContinue reading “I’m Thinking a Little PINK!”