My Coffee Corner

August 16, 2022

Tap Your Inner Barista

A delicious little cup of that bold coffee will do anytime- 

An easy-to-create coffee space fit for any busy kitchen – styled 2 different ways.

My coffee nook was a result of things not being where I wanted them.

I wanted everything in one spot!

So, I styled two simple designs to try and meet these needs.

Coffee Station Design 1

1st – Using a wooden tray to hold coffee cups, I grouped all the necessary coffee items around the staged area for ease and accessibility.

I arranged and rearranged.

Coffee Station Design 2

2nd – I emptied an old wooden crate from my husband’s stash that he was using for some industrial supplies. I cleaned it up using soap, water, sunshine, wood stain and little black paint for the back (bottom). I stacked the coffee cups and saucers inside. The coffee essentials were corralled on top.

I thought the wooden crate created a interest and character – a little juxtaposition. Ditching the mundane with some rustic and refound.

Best part about it
It was simple and didn’t cost anything –the best type of projects!

Rustic & Refound

I like to update a rough piece into a sophisticated design or to something more functional.

Which coffee station design do you like best?

There is something about sipping decadent coffee out of a dainty cup that makes you feel like you are in a European cafe just enjoying the moment.

My own home

We have a new home that was completed in 2020. Its style is a modern ranch. It is important for me to honor our home’s story and design and take cues from it. However, my heart is a bit fickle. I love western style decor, but what inspires me is a European look, in general. So, a large part of me is always trying to marry this old world look with a new modern and rustic western.

Being Eclectic

I’m a little eclectic. I love figuring out how to combine different designs into one cohesive whole. My heart leans towards moody colors, some bright – patterns and pieces that give a nod to a vintage era.

I want you to know…

You can do simple designs/stylings in your home on any budget.

Cheers to another cup of joe!

Happy Tuesday!

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