Weekend Roundup – Lighten Up!

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Welcome to a little of my weekend view.

Today it’s all about this and that and everything… and sometimes a whole lot of nothing and just chatter.

Just Some Snippets of My Thoughts on White.

I received a bouquet of flowers just recently and amongst those beautiful blooms were the creamiest white roses ever!

My white inspiration!

I just had to snap photos of these white roses- n- blooms here and there!

One of the other ways I have found to be a lighter feel for spring is with pops of white and of course texture!

White just added a refreshing feel to this little space.

Give me all the texture on this white vase and feather wreath.

More White

When choosing the tile backsplash in my kitchen, I knew that I wanted white subway tile.

White tile feels fresh and timeless….not to mention that after much searching and learning it is a good choice for a clean farmhouse style.

White’s association with fresh and clean is an especially good thing to have in a kitchen.

White lightened up my space!

White is simple and sweet and perfect for a spring and summer styling & you can refresh with it all seasons. 

My Hodge-Podge of White Serve Ware

I never realized how much I loved white until I started unpacking my collected serving pieces that were all white.

All in great shapes and sizes!

I’ve been collecting white ceramic for some time now. I’m always captured by white serving dishes with unique shapes and textures. The versatility of this collection is pretty limitless. All can be used to serve food and some can hold gorgeous bouquets of flowers.

Loving the white serve ware displayed on my white shelves.

Pure White Style!

My style – I left a stack of white dishes and a casual white bowl holding a candle on the kitchen island.

Have you ever considered just leaving a stack of dishes out on maybe your island or dining table? Seems maybe a little less formal than a set table and yet it feels gathered and curated too.

White often takes the guess work out of decorating your space.

White does go with everything! Even rusty buckets!

More Whites Around the Hacienda!

Using soft, neutral accents and calming colors in my linen bedding with a light and airy feel using fresh pops of white!

A Little Corner of Wonderfully White

From calming colors to patterns with zest.

A little corner with some rustic and refound and wonderfully white!

Make An Entrance!

White is so Welcoming!

I created this faux white apple blossom & pink forsythia wreath to make an elegant country statement for my front door. The chalky white to creamy and pink hues of these flowers add dimension and interest.

Maybe a favorite mix and mingle(pink and white)!

Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

I hope you enjoyed my spirited style when using pops of wonderful white throughout my decor.

Always sharing a little wild west stylin’ for my wild west livin.’

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