Hey There!

I’m Tammy! I’m happy to have you here. Join me as I share my passion for amateur photography, home decor, vintage items & adventures out-doors. I enjoy all things home, I like to mix the old with the new, & I have a philosophy that, things only get better with age. For me, setting a table with vintage china makes my heart happy. I’m currently falling for Eurotrash design and style. It’s a growing deep appreciation for the breathtaking allure in the time-worn imperfections of the European past. I too, love all things, western & so I would love that mix where European design meets ranch. This could be my home decor! Rustic and Refound tells my journey of finding my home style while decorating my new home. I love finding inspiration wherever that happens to be & it makes me happiest when I can inspire others. I also enjoy a good DIY. Every now and then you might see a photo of my rope horse, LB and our cat, Whiskers. Thanks for visiting!


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