Out and About – Small Slices of Life

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

“Oh the things you can find, if you don’t stay behind!”

Dr. Seuss

Summer. Is. On and it’s been HOT!

When the mountains are calling…

To escape the heat we often take a trip into the mountains for a summer “stretch.”

My husband and I like to hike the mountains.

I guess my feet know where they want to go.

However a little more than a babbling brook.

I love listening to the relaxing sound of running water.

With beautiful sights and sounds to relax your senses…

Just follow your feet.

Happy Tuesday All!

A Few Favorite Things…

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”

― William Morris

If you haven’t noticed, I don’t sell anything here.

I do make some things that are my style, “Go – to” rustic and refound.

Today, I just want to share some photos of items that may belong to some of my “Favorites.”

If I were selling you on something, I guess it would have to be on things you put in your house that you would find to be useful, and believe to be beautiful.

After much searching through some pretty famous & legendary bloggers who sell nothing but their beautiful photos, homes, finds, and life styles I thought I would just share some of my favorite finds.

A Little Wooden Stool

A favorite… I”m talking about little wood stools.
Painted, natural, or simple – You know the ones that come in all shapes and sizes. The ones that you can’t seem to get enough of and are absolute treasures setting nearly anywhere. The kind that Moves. All. Over. The. Place. The kind of stool that can hold some pretty yellow roses with a pink trim while I snapped a few photos.

Chairs, chairs, chairs… junking treasures.

Old chairs and roses, a couple of my favorites, just seemed to go together for photo snap.

Yep, I have thing for old chairs. Some of my favorites,

I love flowers! Roses, lilacs, peonies… the list goes on.

Both are beautiful!

A Little Rustic and Refound

Old galvanized metal and wood stirrups are another of my favorites. Holding napkins and charm for a fun table scape or on your kitchen counter.

Salvaged and repurposed for additional use.

“The true secret of happiness lies in the taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life.”

-William Morris

Moore Favorites

Flowers and candles…

Flowers serve to make us happy and candlelight adds the ambiance!

Oh, I have more. Without getting crazy…

Just a few of my favorite style elements.

I hope this inspires you to tuck some pretty and functional into your home.

Happy Tuesday!

A Rustic Foraged Centerpiece

Friday, July 17, 2020

Today it is all about ideas for creating a foraged arrangement.

You know I like most things rustic, even with brambles and blooms.

I’m all about simple beauty these days.

While out on a walk around my property I ran across some blooming Scotch thistle. It is an invasive plant that I’m not really loving as it grows in a couple of spots around the edge of my property. However, Scotch thistle has the prettiest purple bloom. Scotch thistle is covered in the most unfriendly prickly leaves.

This wild and prickly plant with it’s bright purple flower inspired me to create a foraged centerpiece.

Loving flowers as I do, I can’t always make a run to the grocery store just for flowers.

Taking my trimmers I headed out to the “back forty.”

The work began to look for something to accompany this prickly bloom.

I clipped and gathered an abundance of Russian Olive branches,

timothy grasses, and the Scotch thistle blooms.

Using the natural elements and a bucket I started to create a foraged arrangement.

A Little Shaggy, a Little Fun

They say that when it comes to foraged arrangements – anything goes. There is no specific foliage, branches, blooms etc to use- it is whatever you find and you can put together to enjoy.

However it all depends on what is in season, looks beautiful, and catches your eye.

Green Day

This arrangement is all about being “green” and using what you have on hand.

An abundance greens can be beautiful too – perfect on their own. 

Today, I just added that pop of purple.

When it comes to creating an arrangement use what you find just outside your door.

Something fun too is to see how the trees and plants inspire you differently during the seasons and changes.

Sometimes it is the bare branches with nothing else that are perfect.

Other times it is flowers and trees in leaf and bloom. 

Since I’m not a rule follower, I kind of like things a little more on the non-traditional side.

Anything goes- start looking outside in your yard or an open field for some greenery and flowers to make a beautiful floral arrangement.

Creating a foraged arrangement is a way to bring a little bit of nature inside without spending money on cut flowers or having to leave home. 

Do you have a bush, tree, or flower growing in your yard or in a field near you? 

So much fun gathering and creating ……the results are amazing!

 Maybe in the future, I’ll be making a DIY foraged wreath or a garland. 

Thanks for stopping for a visit!

Happy Friday!

Taking the Road Less Traveled

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Welcome to summer travels!

Moore Adventure

Since vacations out of state are limited we did take the fourth of July weekend to spend it visiting sights in our own state and area.

We took a road trip for a bit of adventure into the Jarbidge Mountains.

This trip was way overdue!

We have been isolated and cooped up for far too long!

This trip has become an annual adventure. So this year we added a tent, bedroll and some camping equipment.

Quite frankly I was ready to go!

With huge and majestic views the wilderness was relaxing and awe-inspiring!

Everywhere you looked your sights were full,

From grand Mountain views, lush mountain meadows, wild fauna,

to grazing sheep our trip was full of adventure.

While standing on top of a Nevada Mountain, we looked out into Idaho.

I literally stood and soaked up the sunshine and views.

Nothing like the health benefits of the fresh air and the great outdoors!


We set up our little tent in a grassy grove below some towering aspen.

At camp I spotted some pretty blooms,

and if you know me, you know I’m going to

stop for a photo.

Camp included this way cool fireplace chimney tucked in lush greenery…

and a full running mountain stream.

I wish I had asked the local mountain residents about the fireplace chimneys.

Is there a rich history of these stone structures?

I would like to have thought so.

Mountain Florals

The flowers were blooming away.

When I was a kid I called these flowers ‘cow cabbage.’

I remember cows grazing among the large leaves.

I don’t remember where I got the name for these wild flowers that look like yellow daises.

If you are looking for some great outdoor adventure and the mountains are calling,

I encourage you to go.

There are plenty of roads and natural beauty to see.

Take in the sights and soak up the beauty.

I would highly recommend going if you feel you would enjoy seeing it.

Happy Weekend!

Quite often you’ll find me where the wild things are.

A Junking Treasure

Saturday, June 27, 2020

What Happens When You Paint a Chair White?

Simple and sweet! That’s how I like it.

This vintage chair is another junkin’ treasure find.

It wasn’t painted in a great color red so I decided to paint it white. The first attempt to paint it with a latex paint failed miserably.

The white paint wrinkled and bubbled. Definitely didn’t like those results.

My second attempt was another type of paint using what I had on hand.

I began with a white chalk paint.

As I painted the white over the red, the red bled through

leaving my vintage treasure a soft pale pink.

Stepping back and giving it some thought…

Maybe this is what it was meant to be!

What do you think of this cutie?

I was working at getting the most for my money.

I had spent $20 on this beauty.

Now it is soft and subtle. Not white, but pale pink and pretty!

Have you ever had a dilemma as such?

Should I find another paint or leave it as is?

I think she will stay as is!

Then what do you do? How do you show it?

With flowers of course!

Well, take it out to the horse pasture for sure.

With a simple place to land…

Just a random summer chair with a bouquet of flowers!

Just a little fun and playing around.

Adding a favorite Navajo style rug and…

a horse.

Boomer photo bombs a photo session with my new model.

That’s okay. I just snapped away. Glad he came to check it out!

Added A Navajo Style Rug

That ole’ Navajo rug…

Things that last like an ole’ Navajo rug from thirty years ago(A wedding gift from my sister.)

and a pretty wooden chair.

Just some southwestern summer styling.

A mix of pieces and styles that just worked for me.

Some wild west stylin’ for some wild west livin’

I hope this you inspires you to think outside the box, mix some pieces,

and head out to where the wild things are.


My DIY Chicken Wire Flower Basket

June 21, 2020

Left Overs

Left over from the house stucco project was a pile of Chicken wire.

Chicken wire is one of those things that when you see it

you just want to build something.

It has so much potential. Original use: Chicken coops.

Such a versatile building material.

I’ve never used Chicken wire in home décor projects before,

but thought it might be interesting to craft with it.

So here it is!

My DIY chicken wire basket I put flowers in.

A cute partner for a pretty pink chair… a chicken wire basket full of pink lilies!

A little rustic and refound!

Such a simple project that maybe took 15 minutes and it’s complete.

Here’s what you’ll need: Chicken wire shaped to a cone.

I started with a square piece of chicken wire. Lay it flat and rolled it to a cone shape.

Using a pair of needle nose pliers, I wrapped the cut ends of the chicken wire around to fasten the cone shape in place.

You may have to close up the end of the cone as you might have some sharp ends remaining.

Simply tuck the lose ends inwards using your needle nose pliers.

Attach wire, ribbon, or even jute string for a hanger.

Wrapped newsprint around the bouquet. When hanging, use a little jar or a small plastic container to tuck inside the wire basket to water the flowers.

Add your favorite flowers and voila your project is complete.

To hang, I simply attached a bright pink ribbon.

Hang it on your front door, but if you don’t have a front door like me, right now…

Hang it from your garden gate or maybe an old squeeze chute out in the horse pasture.;)

I am loving it! You know I might make a few more!
Maybe a new obsession! Who knew!

A little wild west stylin’ for some wild west livin


Rustic Candle Holders

Some DIY Candle Holders

June 19, 2020

I’m a DIYer. Can’t say I love crafting too much, but when it comes to some things like candle holders…I like to make my own. I’m so inspired by beautiful candles all aglow. I love beautiful candle holders of most kinds. I like them chunky, beautifully tapered, metal, wood, glass and rustic is pretty cool too. Those with pretty patterns & details are just fine as well. Candle holders with candles are so perfect for lighting steps outdoors,  for a little ambiance on your patio table and even for displaying with indoor vignettes.

I like rustic home décor!

Bed Spring candle holder

Warm and inviting… I kind of have a thing for candle holders.

And those candles….can we talk about those for a second? 

That beautiful warm glow cast from those flickering candles

welcomes you to sit down and enjoy the view.

Some Of My Projects

Bedsprings filled with Mercury Glass Votives all aglow.
Reclaimed Wood & It’s all in the details.

Just A Board With Charcter

Using rustic fencing wood, I made a chunky tea light holder.

Cleaning up the wood with soap, soft brush & water.

I marked the placement for the tealights & I drilled the holes.

Sure to spark a conversation with your guests.

A great focal point for your home!

Rustic Plank Tea Holder
Lodge Pole Candle Holders
Wooden Candle Stands

Can you picture this to display your favorite scented candle?

Jar or pillar candle?

With this candle stand, either would be a nice addition to any country home.

Do you have a question regarding any of my DIY projects? Let me know.

Happy Friday!

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Monday, June 15, 2020

Happy Monday!

You know, it’s funny – every week, from spring through the fall,

I think I don’t have much in bloom in the yard until I take a few pictures.  

So this week, I thought I would show you around my country garden.

That is, before we began our new home construction.

When I first started my yard, I pretty much knew nothing about gardening. Throwing formality out of the window I began planting things that I loved. I wanted brick pathways with the mix of wildflowers spilling into the pathways, pretty green leafy plants, and an abundance of blooms everywhere you looked. I wanted that English cottage garden look with it’s distinct style—and informal design, densely planted, with flowers at the edge of garden beds spilling over onto the paths. The overall effect is artful, romantic, and uncontrived.

Enjoy the tour!

To add additional interest I wanted a little rustic and refound!

Every color of flower goes with rust! Rust is a must!

Like old rusted pitch forks in wine barrels with a bunch of annual blooms!

Old rusty buckets filled with succulents

Just an old rusted out enamel pan framing growing columbine.

Living in a high desert region, one is required to plant water-wise plants and ones that can withstand harsh winters. I did try to get the right plant in the right place. Taking care to suit the planting to the soil, the light levels and how much water it might need. The plants will be happier, and so, you’ll be happier. I picked plants that are doers: robust and tough. In a garden there may be down times. So I tried to plant flowers that bloomed at different times, but throughout the summer. This will make your garden look amazing throughout summer.

I think that there is nothing is more romantic than a cottage garden that is blooming and overflowing. I like gardens dripping with flowers and heady with scent. These gardens bring a breath of the elegance to any space.

Spaces that would otherwise be empty were filled with flowers, both for their beauty and to suppress weeds. Boy, believe me we can get plenty of weeds! I wanted my flowers the predominant feature. Delicate, fragrant, garden pinks, the bolds and the silvery foliage that provides interest in a summer garden.

Lambs ear is a soft velvety leafed perennial that grows well for me. It’s easy to grow and provides a beautiful layered look as it grows under taller plants. It provides such beautiful gray/green foliage. Lambs ear is a great high desert plant, because it is a water wise plant, so perfect for my area.

Lacey Sentenials

 In the front of the house the peonies are starting to bloom.

Loving these pale pink blooms.

Peonies and old rusty fence.

Heady With Scents

I planted lilac bushes, wild roses, and honey suckle for their heady scent.


A Little On The Wild Side

The wild roses that crop up here and there (don’t have the heart to pull them).

Wild roses lend to the overflowing and natural look, which I love.

I think the beauty of cottage gardens is that mostly anything goes.

Honey Suckle

Pink Coneflowers and Shasta Daisies


Curated or rambling I love a cottagy garden!

Happy Monday!

The Latest From the Build and Final Interior Choices

Friday, May 22, 2020


House of Lilacs

Hello Friday!

A few house updates to share.

The last time I shared with you on our long time adventure in building a home,

we were not close to the interior finishes.

There still are many projects left to complete on the outside (stucco and stone).




Today, I thought I would share some of the interior choices made.

Hang in there…there are a few pictures!





Paint Color



(Granite and Cabinetry)




Fireplace and Stone

(Stone is Pennsylvania Drystack)

Please checkout our rustic mantle.

This is a 12×12″ Blue Pine solid timber.

 We injected the natural elements of the stone and rustic mantle

to highlight a truly modern farmhouse style that was custom to us.

My husband installed the rustic timber that we chose.




Lighting Fixtures

Kitchen and Dining Room Lighting

Pendant Lighting

Island lighting

(3 mini lights over the island)

IMG_4088 (2)


Kitchen Sink Lighting


Dining Room Chandelier

Lamps Plus

IMG_4089[5261] (2)

Foyer Lighting

Home Depot



Ceiling Fixtures for Bedrooms,

Closets, and Laundry Room




Bathroom Vanity Lighting

Master Bath Vanity Lighting

Lamps Plus


IMG_4090 (2)


Powder Room Vanity Lighting

off the Great Room

IMG_4092 (2)


Vanity Lighting in Guest Quarters

Purchased at Home Depot

Vanity Lighting



Tile Backsplash In Kitchen

White subway tile

Playing with Contrasts of white subway and “Natural Gray” grout.


Range Hood

Our range hood is from Home Outlet Direct

Range Hood


A little on the “Modern Farmhouse” style.


Barn Doors

To replicate the everyday appeal of modern farmhouse decor,

we are adding barn doors for the rustic, vintage feel.


Our inspiration is from Rustica Hardware Barn Door


I will share the final on how this all comes together later.

I hope that this inspiration sparks some ideas for you

if you are working on a renovation or new build!

We are finding ways to mix natural elements with vintage accents

and industrial touches to create a beautiful look!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my post.


These are not sponsored posts.

Just sharing my home purchases.


A Tribute to Mothers…To My Mother


Friday, May 8, 2020

Happy Mother’s Day!

Since Mother’s Day is this Sunday, I wanted to wish moms a Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is a special day to celebrate mothers and grandmothers.

This post is all about Mother’s Day love!

Mother’s Day is a day that brings up a lot of emotions,

as I am missing my mom!



I love the quote,

“Mothers hold their children’s hands for a while, but their hearts forever.”



So true!

Because you never forget your mom or the special bond you have with her.

Thank you to my Mom and the most incredible grandmothers that have graced my life.




Wishing all the women who are mothers in every way, shape and form

a very Happy Mothers Day and a wonderful Sunday!