A Natural -Salvaged Centerpiece

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Just another simple autumn centerpiece.

This year has inspired me more than ever to create a home that inspires & surrounds us with warmth. Also it is important to stay close to home, so I like to keep the home decor a bit on the frugal side. As the fall/autumn weather & time changes, it always brings us indoors where we want to cozy up by a toasty fire, look for those chunky blankets, candles all aglow, and cups of cheer. I would say that this year, a cozy home is more important than ever!

A while back I was inspired by the changing season to create a salvaged centerpiece. If you read my posts you will know that “salvaged” is probably my favorite term.;) This all started with those white pumpkins and wanting to bring in those muted tones. Loving the muted tones, I still added that pop of color with orange pumpkins, brass candle sticks, and copper votives.

So today I’m sharing my dining room with a salvaged centerpiece, pumpkins, candles, with animal print table linens and china ready to give thanks.

And… I’m sharing a few tips for creating that same feeling in your own home.

Harvest Ready – A Gathering I will Go

I’m not sure that I’m qualified to give decorating advice, but when styling a room for the season, I like to keep my theme natural & a bit on the rustic and ‘re-find.’ Yep you read that right, Not only do I like the refound or vintage in items, but also like them on the beautiful side or the more ‘re-find‘ – A Rustic Elegance.

Looking to nature – I went out to my flowers & clipped dried lambs ear, my field for dried golden grasses, dried leaves and branches from my trees, and several dried & faded white roses that I had lying around. I foraged all of natures bounty, collected and arranged it in a simple glass gallon jar.

I love how this arrangement picks up the tones of the season!

While I wanted that muted side of autumn on the table, I felt it needed pops of color. So bold orange pumpkins, copper votives, orange candles with brass candle sticks, and leopard print napkins were my go to.

And who doesn’t love leopard print???

They say that leopard goes with everything and never goes out of style. How can you miss? All of this accompanied simple white stoneware china.

I might add that the gold rimmed stem ware and teacups and saucers were thrifted. While they are not an exact match to the dinner ware they compliment each other beautifully.

Folks, while my styling tips are simple, and from here you can arrange a table scape for your Thanksgiving on a modest budget. Most of what I used was foraged from my yard, field, and cabinets. The pumpkins were purchased, modestly. The napkins were a purchase from LOREC Ranch while on a National Finals Rodeo excursion a few years back.

A little wild west stylin’ for my wild west livin.’

While I write this, I’m reminded of the blessings that I do have.

While my followers may be few, but appreciated, I wish a very Happy Thanks Giving to all!

Simple Autumn Decor on the Table

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

When it comes to decorting for autumn…I love pumpkins and maybe. Everywhere!

This table scape was so simple. Just a few fairytale looking pumpkins marching down the center of the table with white baby boos, candles, found amber/brown bottles, wild grass clippings and wood slices… and maybe a couple of sets of candle holders.;)

Folks, I’m all about simple decorating.

This is natural, subtle, and fresh.

For a touch of autumn color without too much orange-

I love pink and like to use it in my decor as much as I can. So when I found these more on the pink – to salmon pink side pumpkins, I knew I wanted to put them in a table scape with my found amber brown bottles.

I loved incorporating some of those soft colors that are found in  faded grasses/natural wheat and those Cinderella pumpkins.

Down the center of the table, layered on a silver tray with a few baby boos and candles or just by themselves. Anyway you style them, these pumpkins make a statement. 

All in all- a simple rustic table scape fit for a harvest party.

A little wild west stylin’ for some wild west livin’

Happy November folks!

The Gift of Gathering

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Gather For Good Food And Fellowship

It all starts with a Beautiful table setting.

As the holidays approach, I’m already planning that special occasion with family and friends. On the table – it is all about the simple elegance of simple white dinner ware, serape napkins, vintage green goblets, crystal candle holders, the warm tones of gold & copper votives with brassy candle holders-mingling with nature.

You can create a warm and welcoming table scape for friends and family. Show your guests that they are special and loved with a festive fall gathering.

This table setting is filled with the rich and bold colors from the autumn centerpiece, the traditional orange & white pumpkins, emerald green goblets, to the brassy candle sticks, copper & gold votives. This is the bolder side of the season.

Candlelight sets the ambiance on the table, covers human error, and lets friendships shine. Candles seem to be the best place to start since they have been labeled as a symbol of warmth and coziness. If undecided on a centerpiece begin with candles and build from there.

You can have as many candles as your heart desires.

Warm golden autumn tones…

Warm & welcoming, earthy colors and textures…A natural tablescape that allows good friends & conversation to take center stage.

This table setting speaks a little rustic to me. Beginning with the natural centerpiece.

I love, love, love decorating for fall & this little cozy tablescape brought me so much joy this week with all it’s cozy vibes.

You might need to know that this was all completed on a budget! The plates are my regular dinnerware. The basket and green goblets were thrifted treasures. All other items I have had & not purchased recently. The gold & copper votives are purchased at WalMart in the bridal section.

Loving the jeweled tones.

Most recent purchase…white & orange pumpkins. The grasses mingling in the basket are gathered gifts from nature.

 Just a warm and welcoming autumn table. I hope this offers you some autumn inspiration.

Sharing my ‘wild west stylin’ for some wild west livin.’

A Little Hocus Pocus and A Witches Corner

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Halloween has officially arrived over here!

As the nights get longer and cooler, one thing settles on my mind is – Halloween and Halloween decor. This time of year is lovely for the fall cornucopias, corn stalks, and other fall decor, but Halloween decorations bring out the spooky fun!

I had a good time mixing and mingling a few fall touches with some spooky Halloween. Yes, I’m young at heart and a Halloween enthusiast! So, I’m thrilled to share my Halloween look this year. I had way too much fun styling this little area & nook near the front foyer of my house. With not a lot of locations to style Halloween … I used a small table and an antique chair that I painted black and recovered in brown cowhide.

I started with some pumpkins, a candle stick, and a vase filled with some dried branches. I think that the pumpkins added a rich pop of color to the vignette.

Since I love the moody, dark, spooky Halloween vibes, I layered on the Halloween accents – The more the merrier when it came to the accent pieces (skulls, a bony hand, crows, and books for potions) and other fall decor including some twinkling lights. I loaded up my space with Halloween just to get those spooky Halloween vibes.

My final layer was adding in the candles, like a black candle with a drippy look. I used a single black candle in a empty wine bottle and several mercury votives for the spooky ambiance. I feel like the candles brought the whole look together and finished up my spooky Halloween.

Witches Corner – Come sit for a spell.

With a little extra time, my Halloween vignette has evolved with some extra inspiration from my witches feet.

For this witch’s corner I imagined what a witch might have in her front foyer. I felt this little area needed a bit more of a moody vibe so I added a large ornate, black framed mirror, a witches broom, and a witches hat. Like, this is where a witch might leave her outdoor riding gear.

I came up with a broom, books for spells, a chair in a nook, a blanket, pumpkins, a layering of skulls, candles, & of course her pointy shoes among her decor & things like we all love.

I would like to think that they key to having a great Halloween look is layering. The layering of different items and the glow from candles and twinkle lights adds to to the great spooky vibe.

This was so much fun for me to create and think outside of my normal comfort zone.

I loved dressing up my home with wicked, whimsical touches and spooky settings.

“When Black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam, may luck be yours on Halloween.”

A little wild west stylin’ for some wild west livin.’

Happy Halloween!

An Autumn Centerpiece

Monday, October 12, 2020

For autumn and the holidays – I’m all about flowers, candles, cozy, and the magic this combo makes. The twinkle of the candle light ambiance is pretty much a favorite evening thing.

Just keep it simple!

Today this is all about an autumn centerpiece with florals that I received as a gift.

I am sharing a few photos of my autumn centerpiece with orange candles, white pumpkins, black branches and these rustic and refound branding iron candle holders.

The flowers were the gift the crystal vase is my own.

This all started with the autumn florals and rustic branding iron candle holders

with orange candles.

I then layered on the copper votives, creepy black branches, and white pumpkins.

This was all so simple to create! Most everything I had on hand. I DIYed the black branches (sagebrush). The most recent purchase to it all were the white pumpkins.

A Bit of Whimsey

Since it is almost Halloween…

I loved adding a bit of Halloween ambiance to an elegant setting with the use of the black branches. I love how it adds a whimsical and spooky feel.

I’m a DIYer at heart, so if I can create a look without spending a dime, I will.

AND I Love Halloween decor!

With the black branches, pumpkins on the table and flickering candles… just sets the mood and adds a bit of magic and charm. Maybe a little classy Halloween.

Sometimes simplicity is best!

A little wild west stylin’ for a little wild west livin’

Happy Monday!!!

Just Jack!!!

Monday, September 28, 2020

Happy Autumn Folks!

Nothing like being fashionably late to the party!

The Autumn party that is.

If you see any of my stuff, you know that I’m a huge DIYer. I love creating with the rustic side of things. I love most anything rustic! Concrete can be pretty rustic. I enjoy creating centerpieces for my dining table using the inexpensive to showcase a bit of obsession I have with flowers.

So I created a cement bowl using a plastic jack-o-lantern.

This was not my DIY idea but a borrowed idea from @toni_marianna.

You must check her out on Instagram.

This all began with a plastic jack-o-lantern candy holder from Walmart that I cut in half to create the mold. I cut the plastic pumpkin into two equal pieces, vertically from top to bottom, using yard shears and scissors. Following the steps from @toni_marianna, I taped the plastic jack-o-lantern back together on the outside. Using cooking oil, I greased the mold liberally and the plastic glass as well. I mixed my cement Quick-Crete in a small bucket, following the directions on the bag, and poured it into the plastic jack-o-lantern, about three quarters full. I then used a plastic glass to create the hollowed center.

I filled the glass with rocks to weight it down.

After about 2 hours I removed the plastic.

My pumpkin, when dry, has air pockets. Although I tapped the outside of the mold after the concrete was poured I still had the air pockets. It was recommended to use FastSet, All-Crete. You probably wouldn’t get the air pockets with this type of mortar mix.

I removed the mold after the top was dry and very firm. I recommend that you grease/oil up your mold and glass very well before using. The glass in the center did not remove as planned and I had to break the glass to remove it.

With my cement pumpkin complete and ready to decorate with… I bought some grocery store flowers. I recommend that you use a jar or vase to place in the hole to hold water. Notice that I have a plastic cup placed in the hole. Hardened cement will not hold water due to it’s porous surface and it will pass through it and will leave water marks on furniture.

A Table Centerpiece

Using my grocery store flowers I styled them the best way possible for my dining table.

This wasn’t an expensive bouquet just $12.00 in all. I picked this bouquet for the sunflower.

Sunflowers are happy flowers. They add warmth to a room. They really do bring such a warm smile to a room and even on their own- amazing.

Those orange- yellow, red, and white blooms are bright and sunny!

Just what my concrete jack needed.

Adding some candles for the ambiance…

Using my branding iron candle holders with orange candles, I added copper votives and some old found brown bottles with candles for a bit of a moody vibe.

Now if these branding irons aren’t a bit of rustic and refound! I wonder how much cow hide the scorched in their day???

I think it all worked well with my rustic Jack.

Now, this is my kind of autumn styling!

I hope you enjoyed my post. Thanks for stopping to check it out.

A little wild west stylin’ for some wild west livin’

Happy Autumn!

Adding Some Touches of Autumn

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Happy September folks!

With this month well under way and fall just being days away, I have to say that Fall is on my list of being maybe my favorite season. I love watching the leaves change. I love the cooler temperatures, and everything pumpkin.

Since moving into our new house, I have been getting impatient about working on adding those Autumn touches that include pumpkins.

Since I haven’t ventured out to find real pumpkins or baby boo pumpkins to add to my autumn decor. I improvised using what was on hand.

I added some Fall Kitchen decor on a budget.

One of my favorite ways to decorate is by using some of my own rustic and refound, like the rustic wooden pumpkin.

I wandered outdoors and foraged the natural element of dried grasses and added them to a white pitcher for contrast.

I think the golden color of the natural grasses adds to the autumn feel.

I added some copper votives and tossed in a plaid napkin for a simple look. (I might add that the copper votives are from Walmart in the bridal section. They cost around $12.00 for a dozen.) This is a very inexpensive way to add the fall look to your home. Leaves, apples, and grasses are great options to add around in your decor to make it cozy & homey.

Autumn in the Pantry

You might have noticed that I kind of lean towards the traditional colors of autumn. Those warm, rich colors of orange, rust, and the tones of copper. Yes, copper. I have fallen in love with the warmth that copper adds to that fall touch. I especially love decorating with copper in an all-white pantry. Copper really adds warmth and gives the space a pop!

Again, I added my rustic and refound wooden pumpkin, apples from the grocery store & remaining greenery from a bouquet of flowers sent to me a few weeks back.

I love to sprinkle a touch of those warm tones with the pale neutral colors.

I think that my pantry will become a favorite spot for styling dishes for the season. With it’s wide open space and many shelves, it will be big on charm and a great place to add loads of hidden character to the various dishes on display. For now, I’m loving the rich colors that copper adds to my collection of white serve ware.

So if you are a fan of copper for autumn like I am – it is so easy to incorporate those delicious tones in your decor.  Checkout those copper mugs! I can’t wait to serve up some hot cocoa. I think those copper mugs might make a great vase for a few flowers too!;)

I just might be on the hunt for more copper to add to my collection.

I hope I’ve given you some inspiration for budget decorating for autumn and using copper in your own home!

Happy Saturday!

You Can Find Me In the Wild Flowers

Friday, August 21, 2020

“Your heart knows the way, run in that direction.” ~Rumi

Creating a simple summer gathered arrangement.

I love creating. Creating something is fuel for my soul.

Some weeks back I created a gathered/foraged arrangement without spending a dime.

Today, I spent a whole $ 4.99 on a few pink grocery store roses to add a bit more pretty and sophistication to my foraged arrangement.

This arrangement is similar to one that I completed a few weeks back.

Vegetation I used:

  • Russian Olive branches
  • Scotch Thistle
  • Timothy grass
  • Grocery store roses

First, Find fresh inspiration from colors you love.

I grabbed a large assortment of greens of large branches of the Russian Olive. I cut some different branches with variations of green.

Begin with the chunky greenery adding it to your bucket or container.

None of my florals were planned out. I used what inspired me.

I then added the second gathered element, the Scotch Thistle. I randomly placed the prickly stems here and there for eye appeal.

Adding the pink grocery store roses just added that extra punch of color and sophistication,

Mix it in to see how it comes out.

With just a little more personality…

To add a bit more character, I added some timothy grass. I love the way the dried grass contrasts with the soft green of the Russian Olive leaves, pink roses, and purple blooms of the Scotch Thistle.

Customize your arrangement to what’s available & to what you like.

It might look a little wild & wooly, but I like it!

I feel like these arrangements are a little like me – not so perfect & little unruly;)

I like the fact that not all the branches are even & the greenery is a bit off balance. Remember, that customizing your arrangement any way you would like is also key. Let your personality shine through.

Foraging for local, wild plants is easy and it’s free!

Anyhow, it was a treat to throw this together & I hope it inspires you to get creative during these unique times.

Out and About – Small Slices of Life

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

“Oh the things you can find, if you don’t stay behind!”

Dr. Seuss

Summer. Is. On and it’s been HOT!

When the mountains are calling…

To escape the heat we often take a trip into the mountains for a summer “stretch.”

My husband and I like to hike the mountains.

I guess my feet know where they want to go.

However a little more than a babbling brook.

I love listening to the relaxing sound of running water.

With beautiful sights and sounds to relax your senses…

Just follow your feet.

Happy Tuesday All!

A Few Favorite Things…

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”

― William Morris

If you haven’t noticed, I don’t sell anything here.

I do make some things that are my style, “Go – to” rustic and refound.

Today, I just want to share some photos of items that may belong to some of my “Favorites.”

If I were selling you on something, I guess it would have to be on things you put in your house that you would find to be useful, and believe to be beautiful.

After much searching through some pretty famous & legendary bloggers who sell nothing but their beautiful photos, homes, finds, and life styles I thought I would just share some of my favorite finds.

A Little Wooden Stool

A favorite… I”m talking about little wood stools.
Painted, natural, or simple – You know the ones that come in all shapes and sizes. The ones that you can’t seem to get enough of and are absolute treasures setting nearly anywhere. The kind that Moves. All. Over. The. Place. The kind of stool that can hold some pretty yellow roses with a pink trim while I snapped a few photos.

Chairs, chairs, chairs… junking treasures.

Old chairs and roses, a couple of my favorites, just seemed to go together for photo snap.

Yep, I have thing for old chairs. Some of my favorites,

I love flowers! Roses, lilacs, peonies… the list goes on.

Both are beautiful!

A Little Rustic and Refound

Old galvanized metal and wood stirrups are another of my favorites. Holding napkins and charm for a fun table scape or on your kitchen counter.

Salvaged and repurposed for additional use.

“The true secret of happiness lies in the taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life.”

-William Morris

Moore Favorites

Flowers and candles…

Flowers serve to make us happy and candlelight adds the ambiance!

Oh, I have more. Without getting crazy…

Just a few of my favorite style elements.

I hope this inspires you to tuck some pretty and functional into your home.

Happy Tuesday!