Out and About – Small Slices of Life

Tuesday, August 4, 2020 “Oh the things you can find, if you don’t stay behind!” Dr. Seuss Summer. Is. On and it’s been HOT! When the mountains are calling… To escape the heat we often take a trip into the mountains for a summer “stretch.” My husband and I like to hike the mountains. IContinue reading “Out and About – Small Slices of Life”

A Rustic Foraged Centerpiece

Friday, July 17, 2020 Today it is all about ideas for creating a foraged arrangement. You know I like most things rustic, even with brambles and blooms. I’m all about simple beauty these days. While out on a walk around my property I ran across some blooming Scotch thistle. It is an invasive plant thatContinue reading “A Rustic Foraged Centerpiece”

My DIY Chicken Wire Flower Basket

June 21, 2020 Left Overs Left over from the house stucco project was a pile of Chicken wire. Chicken wire is one of those things that when you see it you just want to build something. It has so much potential. Original use: Chicken coops. Such a versatile building material. I’ve never used Chicken wireContinue reading “My DIY Chicken Wire Flower Basket”

The Latest From the Build and Final Interior Choices

Friday, May 22, 2020   Hello Friday! A few house updates to share. The last time I shared with you on our long time adventure in building a home, we were not close to the interior finishes. There still are many projects left to complete on the outside (stucco and stone).     Today, IContinue reading “The Latest From the Build and Final Interior Choices”

A Tribute to Mothers…To My Mother

Friday, May 8, 2020 Happy Mother’s Day! Since Mother’s Day is this Sunday, I wanted to wish moms a Happy Mother’s Day! Mother’s Day is a special day to celebrate mothers and grandmothers. This post is all about Mother’s Day love! Mother’s Day is a day that brings up a lot of emotions, as IContinue reading “A Tribute to Mothers…To My Mother”