Weekend Roundup

May 8, 2022

Welcome to a weekend roundup. I usually don’t have much to share on weekends around here. They are either pretty quiet with resting or very busy with projects.

With Mother’s Day on Sunday, I thought I might share a few flower photos, thrifted finds, and wish everyone a happy Mother’s Day.

Rusty old welding cans are the best for holding pretty flowers. A true rustic and refound.

Thrifted Junque

Don’t you just love a good thrift store? I love it when I can walk in and find some good junque. I love it when I can get a good antiquing fix for just a few dollars on occasion. Yes, I have been thrifting again… Thrift stores can often have a treasure trove of goodies, a few items, or sometimes nothing.

On this occasion, the thrifting haul was small, but sweet.

Getting my fix on white dishes, this little white cutie just happened to be on the shelf for $1. I loved the little white pitcher, maybe a gravy boat? Not sure but has the sweetest shape with a delicate edge trimming and small crazing. Has a little discoloration in the handle, but that didn’t stop me.

I picked up the gold wood picture frame also. I kind of have an obsession with gold frames.

As you can see, the small white pitcher became a tea light holder.

The gold frame went in with my stash of other gold frames. I haven’t quite decided on how I will use it.

I’m always on the lookout for pretty vintage mirrors in gold frames and other gilded frames. I hope I do something before they just stack up.;)

These were the only treasures I found on this day. Do you love a good, thrifted find?

Wishing everyone a lovely weekend and Mother’s Day.

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