Simple Autumn Decor on the Table

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

When it comes to decorting for autumn…I love pumpkins and maybe. Everywhere!

This table scape was so simple. Just a few fairytale looking pumpkins marching down the center of the table with white baby boos, candles, found amber/brown bottles, wild grass clippings and wood slices… and maybe a couple of sets of candle holders.;)

Folks, I’m all about simple decorating.

This is natural, subtle, and fresh.

For a touch of autumn color without too much orange-

I love pink and like to use it in my decor as much as I can. So when I found these more on the pink – to salmon pink side pumpkins, I knew I wanted to put them in a table scape with my found amber brown bottles.

I loved incorporating some of those soft colors that are found in  faded grasses/natural wheat and those Cinderella pumpkins.

Down the center of the table, layered on a silver tray with a few baby boos and candles or just by themselves. Anyway you style them, these pumpkins make a statement. 

All in all- a simple rustic table scape fit for a harvest party.

A little wild west stylin’ for some wild west livin’

Happy November folks!

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