You Can Find Me In the Wild Flowers

Friday, August 21, 2020

“Your heart knows the way, run in that direction.” ~Rumi

Creating a simple summer gathered arrangement.

I love creating. Creating something is fuel for my soul.

Some weeks back I created a gathered/foraged arrangement without spending a dime.

Today, I spent a whole $ 4.99 on a few pink grocery store roses to add a bit more pretty and sophistication to my foraged arrangement.

This arrangement is similar to one that I completed a few weeks back.

Vegetation I used:

  • Russian Olive branches
  • Scotch Thistle
  • Timothy grass
  • Grocery store roses

First, Find fresh inspiration from colors you love.

I grabbed a large assortment of greens of large branches of the Russian Olive. I cut some different branches with variations of green.

Begin with the chunky greenery adding it to your bucket or container.

None of my florals were planned out. I used what inspired me.

I then added the second gathered element, the Scotch Thistle. I randomly placed the prickly stems here and there for eye appeal.

Adding the pink grocery store roses just added that extra punch of color and sophistication,

Mix it in to see how it comes out.

With just a little more personality…

To add a bit more character, I added some timothy grass. I love the way the dried grass contrasts with the soft green of the Russian Olive leaves, pink roses, and purple blooms of the Scotch Thistle.

Customize your arrangement to what’s available & to what you like.

It might look a little wild & wooly, but I like it!

I feel like these arrangements are a little like me – not so perfect & little unruly;)

I like the fact that not all the branches are even & the greenery is a bit off balance. Remember, that customizing your arrangement any way you would like is also key. Let your personality shine through.

Foraging for local, wild plants is easy and it’s free!

Anyhow, it was a treat to throw this together & I hope it inspires you to get creative during these unique times.

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