Simple Stirrup Napkin Holder

April 18, 2019

Here comes Peter Cottontail…

Wow, it’s almost Easter.

Easter is this Sunday.

It reminds me of the days of Easter baskets filled with chocolate bunnies,

yellow and pink peeps, and picnics with family.

That is Easter to me.

When I was little, we always went up to the mountain meadows

to have a picnic dinner.

We would do an egg hunt out in the sage brush and look

to discover what the Easter Bunny had left for us.

Hiding Easter eggs in the sagebrush. What we like to do.

When at home with family and friends over for dinner

it’s always nice to make things in the house as convenient

and quaint as possible.

Since I like the rustic and refound,

I like to repurpose or up-cycle items.

In this case I like a little creative reuse of old stirrups.

Yep. I brought them in the house!

Stirrups are part of my Easter table setting.

Instead of throwing old stirrups out, repurpose or up-cycle them!

This is just a simple project.

Everyone is familiar with the less is more concept.

I also like things uncomplicated.

I like simple projects that take a few minutes

and achieves such a personal touch.

I like to decorate my home with unique and personal pieces.

This is a fun way to use the rustic and refound.

Give your house some rustic western charm that makes your house,

your home.

Since stirrups get replaced from time to time,

instead of throwing them out,

why not repurpose them!

You may already own a discarded set of stirrups from your own saddle

or maybe you can borrow from an ole’ cowboy (like the hubby).

I would definitely suggest cleaning them up before use.

You can shop your home, your family’s tack-room,

favorite western stores, antique stores,

garage sales or whatever floats your boat!

Ultimately you are in charge.

It is that simple.

Besides being classically aesthetic and simple,

it’s a fun way to add western décor in your home.

Having them hang out on the counter or on the dinner table…

napkins that are in a holder in a pile,

in plain sight, for everyone to use makes life a little bit easier.

These stirrups came with their vintage patina on the metal.

Like vintage zinc goodness with a layer of oxidation.

They are old, washed and faded.

The old wood on the inside has it’s own patina and special charm.

Keep junkin’.

Just keepin’ it easy.

Happy Easter!

Rustic and Refound

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