Warm & Cozy

February 2, 2023

One simple way that I like to create that cozy feeling in our home is through adding throws around the house. On the couch, over chairs, on the foot of the bed, hanging on a blanket ladder, or in baskets.

As far as colors go, choosing colors that you see more at the beginning of the season, or that may be to your liking and decor style- any of which will create more warmth and cozy in your space.

I’m a sucker for anything tartan, but with the arrival of our cold Nevada winter temperatures, I’m drawn to the comfort of my collection… any of my throws.

While I love my collection, I’m always on the lookout for new additions.

Remember, there is no right or wrong when it comes to making seasonal decisions for your home. The key is to stay focused, so that there is a clear message that evokes the feeling of the season.

“Love You February” Collection

Kept in stacks throughout my home or tucked in the blanket closet they stand ready, waiting to be grabbed, unfurled, and wrapped around our chilly selves as we snuggle in front of the fire for another winter’s eve.

Happy collecting!

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