Take A Hike

August 8, 2019

How To Beat the Summer Heat and Boredom

So I took a hike to a glacial tarn (a mountain lake) in the northern part of the

Eastern Humboldt Range.

Where? Elko County

angel Lake1


This past summer I’ve felt like I have been under house arrest.

I have worked on my yard and have photographed my flowers

and have been a little bored to say the least!

The best solution for that…summer boredom…

A small road trip for a bit of adventure!

I have been way overdue for an adventure.

So after consecutive days being cooped up…

(with the exception of walking down to the roping arena

for some team roping practice),

I conned my hubby, Mr. M, into taking the trip to Angel Lake.


Pat @ Angel Lake

While at the lake we hiked around and sat to admire it’s splendid beauty.

It seems like everybody had the same idea today.

With tons of campers to day trippers

fishing, kayaking, picnickers, swimmers, and hikers

we all had to get outdoors.

Others had to get into the water.


angel lake diving

The mountains are huge and majestic,

at 8,378′.

The lake is approximately 13 acres and a depth of 29 or so feet

(depending on the run-off).

(I had to look that up.)


Mountain @Angel Lake


The hike and change of scenery rejuvenated me.


Mountain @ Angel Lake2


Not just my energy level,

but also my mind.


Moutain around Angel Lake

It kick-started my creative juices into gear…and

I couldn’t wait to get back and start up that laptop again.

Go figure!

Wishing you a great one!

Now that I’m retired… maybe you’ll find me…

where the wild things are.

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