Weekend Roundup

May 31, 2022

Happy Tuesday!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend while celebrating Memorial Day and remembering why we have this day to honor and remember those that we have lost fighting for our country,

As we begin a new week and this is the unofficial start of the summer season, the kiddos around here will be getting out of school soon. I reflect back on the past week. I have been caught up a bit thinking about the children and teachers in Uvalde, Texas that won’t be able to enjoy their summer break. I don’t know how to talk about this, so I won’t much. I guess I want folks to know that as a former educator this type of thing crossed my mind back when, and my thoughts were always on how I might protect those kids released into my care for the day. My thoughts and prayers have been with those families.

They Have Arrived

My lilacs have fully bloomed. It’s officially lilac season in my yard. Unfortunately, only one of my bushes bloomed this year. In the past it was lilac and branding season that made the spring. This year I will have to settle for just lilac season! It is kind of fitting that this bush bloomed around Memorial weekend in remembrance of my sweet mom, since she gave me this bush. Lilacs were one of her favorite flowers. She had a small grove of lilac bushes and they smelled amazing.

This past weekend was about honoring and remembering.


I clipped a few lilacs from the yard.

As I noted earlier, only one of my lilac bushes bloomed this year.  The plants have been struggling with the weird weather we have had this year. We had a super late and hard freeze in April and then again at the beginning of May along with snow. This seemed to have caused a lot of damage to blooms and buds. Even my flowering trees didn’t seem to have many blooms.

Yard Projects

This past weekend it was about digging trenches for drainage around the hacienda. Remember that never-ending list of projects and things to check off that I talked about some time ago. Well, this is one of those projects. Before I can even begin to plant boxwood bushes along this wall, we needed to trench for drainage pipe. One project down, more to go. Boxwood plants coming soon.


We have decided on gray 20 X 20 pavers for walkways. I think I’m going to love them. Folks, they are heavy. So heavy that I can’t lift one! That’s why I love them more. We chose gray to coordinate with the foundation of the house.

Wine Barrel Cloche

Have you ever seen a wine barrel cloche? Well, I hadn’t either until I needed to come-up with an idea to keep the deer from eating my flowers planted in my wine barrels. So, it was chicken wire to the rescue. I called them a cloche, because they remind me of one. Mind you, my husband thought I was crazy. Not a favorite look. A little funky, but it works!

Just thought I would share a little yard update and progress. We move kind of slow around here. Still, lots of fence to rebuild, sidewalks to pour, river rock to put down, sod, and sprinkler system. Wow, I hope we get it all done this summer!

Wishing you all a great week!

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