Happy May!!! Let the Sunshine In & the Grass Grow

May 1, 2017

My Crazy Life…

They say April Showers bring May… well, you know how the saying goes. I’m beginning to be a bit on the random side.

April in review… Ugh, maybe not!;)


As the end of April came to a close, I enjoyed the beautiful Sunday day from the back of a horse.

Gotta say, one of my most favorite places to be.

#LastdayofApril #bestplacetobe!:)

We were so lucky to have spent the last days of April filled mostly with sunshine, because it definitely hasn’t been the case. We have seen lots of wind, rain, sleet, and snow.

If you weren’t sure what the weather would be… wait five minutes because it’s going to change!

I have mentioned to you the things that I love, and love doing. Some of which I got to do. My weekend was full of randomness, from school plays, branding calves, to being horseback on a mountain.

Not much of my spring decor here.

I will let the decorating credits belong to our Heavenly Father.

There’s great decor in the background!

Let’s get the party started…

Mr. M…  and Pistol.


If it’s not Spring season its…  Branding season! Whoop Hoo!

 Here I am snapping away to document my day with family and friends at work and play.

Roping @Branding

Mr. M and Apache.

Pat on Apache

Mama cows. #Long-horned #cattle

long horn cows 4-30-17.2

Randomness…We love cows!

Couldn’t resist in inserting a picture of Mr. M’s beautiful Angus cow being an extra special mother of her calf and to a leppy. #Leppy #orphan

#needs a mamma.


Branding Season…

Branding isn’t a sport. It’s part of a way of living for ranchers.

It brings family and friends together.

You know what they say about boys… Boys will be boys!

The boys can’t wait to get in on the fun.;)

They love to rope!

Boys will be boys

Branding cattle is a technique for marking cattle and can be close to some traditions. Branding livestock is not done to intentionally cause harm to the animal, but to identify the owner. It is part of a ranchers way of management.

It’s the cowboy way.

I would have to say it is a way that I am proud to be a little part of.

As the day drew to a close, I spent a little time searching for yearlings on the mountain. This brought me to post a picture of the ride back down.

Rubie Mountains 4-30-17

A Little More Randomness At Work…

A little rustic and not yet refound!;)

A well rusted bucket without it’s bail.

My next project of not sure what I will do.

yellow bucket

Happy May Day, happy Monday!

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