Western Wednesday

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Welcome to Another Addition of Western Wednesday!

bridle rack2

I once mentioned that sunsets and old board corrals make me a bit sappy.

And… they do.

rnd corral

Sunsets close on the day, good or bad.

(Because I never met a sunset I didn’t like.)

Old board corrals have held together and confined

a family’s lifetime of memories of brandings, cattle gatherings,

and cowboys’ bronc rides.

If only they could talk…

and tell their stories.

 I grew up on a ranch where we had lots of old board corrals.

In my memory, there was nothing more fun

than climbing those old boards and looking over the fence.

Sometimes I think I’ve been looking over the fence my whole life.

What are corrals?

You might ask.

My definition of corrals is a collection of old

(sometimes new) boards nailed together

to create an enclosure to gather cows, horses, and other livestock.


brd corral


I recently learned that the word corral comes from the Spanish word corro.

Corrals are used to capture domestic and wild livestock.


cows n corral

These are some long horned cattle gathered for processing

and branding their calves.


cows n corrals


Corrals support the usage of horses and cows

in ranching and sometimes other activities.


pat branding n corrals


Old board corrals become great branding traps

used by the working cowboys/ranchers and buckaroos to hold

cattle during branding seasons.


blk n w branding corrals


They are also great for capturing western scenes.;)


brandin corrals


Sometimes old board corrals are attached to old squeeze chutes to process cows.


old squeeze

For strength and stability old board corrals were attached to pipe/metal panels.

Story Telling Time On The Old Board Corral

kids on corrals

Welcome to the top rail where two young cowboys

tell stories of roping steers,

riding wild broncs,

and how they’ve become real top hands.

Boards for Shipping

If old Shipping chutes could talk, what would they tell?

Of cattle sorted and loaded on trucks and big fat calves weaned in the fall?


open loading chute

Oh, these old boards!

With sometimes chipping paint, great graying color and patina

from being weathered and baked in the sun.


side view of loading chute

side view of loading chute2

An old cow feeder.


With old board’s graying patina, and

crusty knots in the wood comes a little Rustic and Refound.


A bridle rack built from old corral boards.

bridle rack


A DIY rustic candle holder built from an old corral board.

number 1 long view of DIY

I love the nostalgia of old boards from corrals.

Old board corrals inspired me with their perfectly imperfect distressing.

Their silvered and worn appearance. Used and abused.

Just loving how each board is different in texture, finish and distressing.

Thanks for hanging with me today on my Western Wednesday.

A little wild west stylin’ for a little wild west livin’.





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