The Act of Kindness


Friday, January 17, 2020


“Kindness: A simple idea with significant impact.”




Open The Gate and Come On In…


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Today I want to talk about the topic of being kind.

We always hear and see the quote, ‘kindness is free so spread it around.’

In fact that is pretty true.

To me, kindness is something that this world could certainly use more of.



open gate1

However, I feel that some people are a bit confused

about what being kind is and what being kind includes.

To me, the act of being kind is associated with being friendly,

generous, and considerate.

All of these are characteristics which are associated with being kind

can be linked to respect.

Am I right?



Arena 2


I recently read this statement by Maya Angelou

and feel that it fits into my philosophy.

“The best part of life is not just surviving, but thriving

with passion and compassion and humor

and style and generosity and kindness.”



What is the kindest thing anyone has ever done for you?

Was it a gift, an action, an encouraging word spoken just at the right time?

Kindness is often best expressed with thoughtful intentions.

Being kind can be shown through respect and following through with simple promises.

Promises made, promises kept.

Kindness is not always what we know, it’s what we show.

Actions prove who someone is, words just prove who they pretend to be.

People feel the act of kindness when an overt action

touches them in a deep and personal way.

What is the kindest thing anyone has ever done for you?

Was it something from a family member, friend? Or by a total stranger?

                “The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.”                                                                                                                               source unknown
Kindness is in our power.

Don’t just speak it, do it!


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Thanks for visiting my blog.

OOXXs ~ Tammy


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