Trickin’ Out My Retreat

October 30, 2018

lady bronc rider

My Whimsical Halloween

This is just a post about my Halloween decor indoor and outdoor.

Halloween isn’t truly a holiday, but it is one of my favorite celebrations to decorate.

I don’t have a lot of decor in my house right now.

We have packed up and put most everything in storage for our adventure in building a new home.

This made my Halloween decorating a bit more fun.

A bit less complicated.

I put a little Halloween Whimsy here and there.


 Decor on the Hutch

October hutch


Decor on the buffet.

Old Encyclopedias with gilded pages were used for staging.

I love using old books in my decor. Especially those with great character.

Added a haunted house and a spook or two.


Boo Haunted House 2018


Bats hover eerily over the vignette.

(I created my own bat cut-outs.)


Buffet Boo


A pumpkin-shaped cloche with twinkling lights adds seasonal flair along with the candlelight.


Skeletons 2018 Halloween


A Trio of skulls for spooky effects.

 Glass pumpkins, candles flickering, twinkling string lights add lots of ambiance in the house.

A little Elegant Halloween here and there.


Buffet Halloween


For a bit on the Spooky Halloween side – a bony hand tucked into the vignette.

spooky hand halloween 2018


This setting is full of ‘halloween’ ambiance.


More Spooky Halloween Outdoors

On Halloween, welcome trick-or-treaters in hair raising style by adding a ghoul…


goul 2018


And …


Creep it real mat


Pumpkins, mums, and more twinkling lights add to the Halloween theme.


Halloween Porch 2018


Lanterns and candlelight keep it moody.


Pumpkin and Lantern 2018 Porch


Added a bit of rustic charm with my Junkin’ Jack.


Junkin' Jack 2018


Candle light gives Junkin’ Jack a more rustic glow.

A little Rustic and Refound.


Junkin' Jack-O-Lantern 2018


Welcome to my porch.


Yellow bucket Halloween 2018

A little wild west stylin’ for a little wild west livin’.

Happy Halloween!!!


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