A Charming Easter Table

March 29, 2022

Simple everyday elegance is one of my favorite things.

So, when it comes to tables and entertaining- it is all about natural, easy and elegant.

The room as a whole is very simple, a neutral pallet of rich brown tones. Leather furniture – keeping it mostly rustic, western. But in this little corner of the great room, the dining area, it becomes…

Becomes my muse – a source of inspiration. A little spot to create pretty tablescapes.

A vintage table that has been refound with a mix and mingle of chairs. Rich brown everyday velvet chairs in a French style design, while the vintage table is flanked with two very rustic cowhide covered chairs. Right now, this is my everyday elegance!

Easter Inspiration

As for Easter and spring- using things like chocolate bunnies and pretty dishes are perfect on the table.

I wanted my tablescape to say Easter holiday, spring without too much fuss. It is not overly detailed- and it allows your eye to move from one thing to the next without feeling overwhelmed. 

So how do you mix and match to create that simple yet elegant feeling?

Start with the basics.

You might have noticed I am not a huge fan of tablecloths. So, in this case, I incorporated a table runner created from left-over painters drop cloth. Very neutral.

For this table in keeping with the pretty pastel Easter colors- soft pinks, greens, and robin egg blue, gold, silver, along with the sparkle of the stemware.

I wanted to have just the right amount of charm – full of interest and character.

For me… this table has the right amount of simple elegance and charm.

Maybe it’s all in the presentation.

Chocolate Bunnies

They are everywhere this time of year- and they look charming on the table when added to a place setting for an additional treat.

Bring in the BeautyA Vintage Mix and Mingle Table

A layering of pretty dishes. Using a mix and mingle of vintage dishes in your place settings is really so simple. You just grab a few pieces that go together in one way or another and start layering. I chose gorgeous floral edged dinner plates followed by detailed salad bowls. Not quite the same coloring, but the mix and mingle is perfect. These gorgeous pieces bring a layer of elegance and decadent detailing. They have something in common while being different – their gorgeous floral motifs.

I didn’t follow any rules, just used what I love and what was available in the cupboard.

Vintage Silver Flatware and Napkins

Flatware/silverware. Vintage with a modern twist.

Simple white napkins tied up with gold velvet ribbon. Little touches on napkins that are a perfect way to sprinkle an extra bit of pretty.

An ironstone pitcher filled with grocery store flowers.

Always candles! Even those that march down the center in different sizes.

This really is a very simple elegance that welcomes and invites you to relax and enjoy the Easter holiday.

I hope I have inspired you to set a simple elegant table for Easter dinner.

Happy Tuesday!

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