A Floral Note

Tuesday, January 14, 2020


roses upclose

Is your husband a welder?

If not, do you know one?

Well my husband is a welder by trade, so

what I’m going to show you won’t surprise you.


Roses in can

When arranging flowers,

I like to add the quirky and different

on containers.

I’m always looking for a sensible, cost effective solution.

So sticking with my rustic and refound sensibility…

and while out scouring in the shop/barn

I ran across this mostly empty

welding rod container.

Roses in can4

Well, in all of it’s rusty goodness, I saw potential.

Into the house it went to get a bit of cleaning up

with a soft cloth and a bit of soap and water.

Having these pretty pink roses from the market,

I decided to make a statement on an old rusty container.

roses welding can and candles

To my husband’s dismay the rusty container

not only held the pretty pink blooms,

but it was in. the. house!


roses welding can 2 - 1

I simply added to the inside of the metal can

a tall cylinder vase to contain the water and roses.

I then staged it all with candles and old encyclopedias on my buffet.

roses in welding can2

I hope you like my post on using the rustic and refound.

“I don’t exist to impress the world.

I exist to live my life in a way that will make me happy.”

I think my rusty can adds a bit of ‘wild west styling for a bit of wild west living.’

Thanks for checking in on my blog and story.



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