Love You February!

Friday, February 5, 2021

These roses called for a bit of fun! A Valentine Fiesta!

Sweethearts day is coming up and I wanted to do something a little out-of-the-box other than just red and pink. So, I kind of mixed it all up with this serape table runner that matched my inspiration roses. They match perfectly!

While designing a Valentine’s Day table I grabbed some white plates and pops of blue with the napkins and candle stands. The blue and white mingling with gold and other colors from the serape table runner were my Valentine colors.

A Sprinkle of Romance

While no chocolates here, It’s valentine hearts on my spurs and for customizing my table for the win! An old pewter coffee pot for the roses and old reclaimed branding irons for the candles, it might just be for a little western romance.

If you know me at all… I’m pretty much obsessed with roses, and these bold beauties with a little rustic decor pretty much speak my lingo.

Added A Little More Rustic

An old rustic bucket from Rodeo Tough Paintings

What speaks more fiesta than an old cactus painted bucket used as an ice bucket? Can you just believe? I just fell in love with this bucket on the table! This cute little treasure was hand painted by my ever so talented niece at Rodeo Tough Paintings (@rodeotoughpaintings).

This definitely is my Rustic & Refound! Bold, pretty, & fun.

Combine bright beautiful blooms, Mexican serape style linens, and colorful glassware and you get an elegant Valentine Fiesta like this. Oh, and don’t leave out the candles. Candles just add to the romantic ambiance.

  Taco ‘Bout Love

What’s on the menu? Well tacos of course!

Shrimp tacos.

I hope you have enjoyed my Valentine Fiesta table.

Always sharing my wild west stylin’ for my wild west livin’.

 What do you think of my Valentines Fiesta table? Let me know in the comments, find me on Instagram & chat with me. XXOOs

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