Summer Lovin’ and A Pallet Table

Saturday, February 20, 2021

I’ve been on the hunt for a charming old table for quite some time. One that will work for those simple gatherings & causal moments. I haven’t been able to find exactly what I am looking for so I decided to make a table from a wooden pallet.

I know – it’s a little odd to be throwing this summer look at you in the dead of winter, but as I was going through some pictures, I realized I had never shared my pallet table. And… after looking at this picture – this golden field made me miss a little summer. So I thought I would give us all a reminder of the summer heat. Those golden tones do give off a pretty warm glow!

Another view as she holds her respectful place in the barn.

What did I use?

Any old pallet will do. (Choose a pallet, rectangular or square) This one was from the wood pile and was nicely weathered. This pallet did not have a double side. Most pallets are double sided, so I suggest you remove one side, but you don’t have too. This makes the table light enough for me to move around. I cleaned it up and using what I had on hand, I attached some 2 X 4s for legs with screws. Using my sander, I sanded up a couple of areas that might have a few splinters, and checked for nails or anything else that might be protruding.

I was raised with ranchers and carpenters, but I lack a lot carpentry skills. Growing up they advised me in two ways – “Measure twice, cut once & Here, let me do it.” So this is why my carpentry skills are so lacking.

Not exactly happy with the look on top, I took a trip to the hardware store and purchased some rough sawn fencing boards for a $1.99 each to attach to the top.

Just wanting to have a little fun with this table, I took it out to our pasture with a bucket of wild clippings and roses from the yard and some pretty dinner ware for some summer styling.

Our little golden pasture was getting pretty dry from the intense summer heat, so no candles were to be used.

You can see that my pallet table is a little perfectly imperfect.

Probably heavy on the rustic and refound, but I like it.

With a layered wood plank top it still holds a bit of charm. I love it’s shabby look & imperfect character. I’m looking forward to using my pallet table for hosting an outdoor gathering; maybe out in the middle of this little meadow under the stars.

Maybe just the little simplicity of a rustic pallet wood table, but the limit is up to you and what you can do with a pallet.

I hope you enjoyed my adventure in building and displaying my rustic and refound wooden pallet table, and yes summer is comin’.

A true wild west stylin’ for my wild west livin’.


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