A Style Snippet

March 1, 2022

A Rustic 4 x 4 Becomes a Taper Candle Holder

I absolutely love using tapered candles in décor. They are the perfect thing to add to your mantel, vignette, or table centerpiece!

A Spring Vignette

A natural look… a couple of white plates stacked with fresh fruit, an old 4 x 4 timber for tapers, votives in unexpected holders, a white bowl for a plant and a funky old crusty bucket for faux greenery.

Just a simple tablescape gets a pop of color and texture with the addition of a small green plant plopped into a simple sculptured white bowl and a rusty bucket with faux eucalyptus for added texture.

This, is how I added a touch of spring!

I’m always a big fan of floral arrangements, they can bring life to your dining table and act as a focal point while bringing in a pop of color. Let’s face it, we can’t or don’t always want to go with a floral arrangement but adding candles can set the mood at the table when florals aren’t available.

I love how cozy it feels to light candles in our home.

Down The Center

A dramatically large, handcrafted wooden candle holder is the ultimate addition to any indoor/outdoor home decor. 

That old rustic look of wood… with its silvery gray coloring, with its old splinters, and random graining. 


Perfectly imperfect!

A large grouping of candles looks chic and inviting.

Candles provide the perfect ambiance to a room. Lit or not!

This project came out just like I wanted!

DIY Candlestick Holder Overview

I love that this DIY Candlestick Holder centerpiece makes a huge statement when added to your dining room table but is actually super easy to make! 

I hope you have enjoyed another of my DIY projects and how I have added it to my spring decor.

Thanks for stopping by Rustic and Refound!

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