A DIY – My Chicken Wire Cloche

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

I’ve been thinking about what else I could make with the chicken wire that was leftover from out home build. Chicken wire was used on the outside of our house to help adhere the stucco to.

And then… there it was. The idea of a chicken wire cloche. This DIY chicken wire cloche was created in one afternoon.

A chicken wire cloche is easy to make and maybe a spring decorating must have.

Plain old chicken wire never looked so good!

Here’s what you need:

-Roll of chicken wire

-Wire cutters

-Needle nose pliers

-Extra small gauge wire (used to tie parts of the cloche together & create the handle)

-Gloves (I can’t work with gloves so I was cautious not to get poked or scratched)

Step 1

Lay out the sheet of chicken wire and cut it depending on the cloche size you will need

Step 2

Shaping the cloche. You can free form your cloche shape or wrap the chicken wire around a large jar, can, etc. to get the cylinder shape. I free formed mine. (Hence it’s little wonky shape.)

Step 3

Closing up the cylinder shape. Combine the open ends of the chicken wire and attach them together. You want to twist the open ends together to form an open-ended cylinder. Now you have a cylinder with two open ends.

Step 4

Wire one open end of the cylinder together to form the top of the cloche

One of the ends will have a finished edge.  That becomes the bottom of the cloche.  Take the unfinished edge at the other end and start wiring together to form the dome. I gently kept pushing the sides to form the dome. This took a little time and persistence. The goal is to create the top of a dome.

I Shaped and formed the wire into a dome by working with it until I had the exact shape I wanted.

Step 5

Forming the ring/handle

You just need an ornamental piece to finish off the top of the cloche. For the top of my wire cloche, I used a piece of wire and shaped it into a ring. I shaped the wire into a circle and finished it off by wrapping the ends around the circle to add form and stability. To finish off your cloche, the possibilities are endless. You can add a finial, wooden knob, or any other ornamental top you choose.

Attach the formed circle handle to the top of the cloche with a wire.

The wiry construction adds charm, interest, and maybe a little farmhouse vibe.

My work of art. It’s farmhouse decor at it’s finest with a little rustic elegance added in.

I must admit I am a bit smitten with cloches.  I can change the decor with the seasons.


The options and uses for wire cloches may be endless. Here are just a few of the ways I’ve used them in my home.

  • place small plant on a plate and cover it with a cloche
  • add a grouping of candles inside of a wire cloche (battery operated candles – flameless)
  • add a single pinecone
  • place a seashell under a cloche
  • place a cloche on top of a cake stand and decorate
  • add a bird nest and eggs
  • add a single candle and some faux florals

A Chicken Wire Cloche with a white plate/bowl makes a wonderful home accent or centerpiece. Nothing says farmhouse like a chicken wire cloche.

Do you use cloches in your home decor?  What do you like to fill them with? 

I hope I have inspired you today to create your own chicken wire cloche or maybe just to decorate with one.

Thank you for stopping by the blog today & for making my blogging about my rustic and refound something I truly enjoy and where I share my wild west stylin’ for my wild west livin.

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