A Few of My Favorite Things!



Sunday, February 3, 2019




It is the first weekend in February.

Hard to believe!

One of my favorite things is a lazy day Sunday!

Bar none,

it has to be one of my favorites.

When my house is clean,

laundry finished,

and I can curl up and watch a favorite movie or just do what

 inspires me.

Makes me happy.

Today was that day!

Without a doubt there are also other things that make me happy as well,


this was a day to do what inspired me.

Weekend musings.

Because it was snow, all snow again!

At times, blowing snow sideways, snow.




My view from the front porch.




The cold temperatures outside have me longing for warmer weather,

brighter days,

and flowers.


Flowers in a different container.


IMG_1270 (1)


A container with a wood look.

A rustic-looking find from Marshalls.

In the sale isle for $6.00.

That will make a girl happy!


IMG_1269 (1)


These flowers with their different container

are full of pretty color and sweet style that

 will have you feeling like spring in no time!

Or, Romance!




Add flowers with a few votive candles for charm.




This gets me every time.




Sometimes all you need to make a beautiful impact statement

is a humble bunch of flowers




in a different container.

Add a dose of sunshine to your space with pink blooms.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner!



Projects, Projects.

Flowers added with a project.

White candle stands to add a spring touch to the hutch.




Adding in a rustic-country look

are my hand-made candle stands.




Just sharing a few of my favorite things.



With equal parts rustic and pretty…

these are a few of my favorite things!



Happy Sunday!

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