Some Hearts To You!

Monday, January 18, 2021

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Valentine’s Day reminds me that home is really a wonderful place to be. It isn’t about the possessions on the walls or the collected treasures. However, some of those collected items from family and friends remind us of the love we have for them.

I don’t decorate for Valentine’s Day, but sometimes you see something that inspires you to create. When the skies are drab, the ground is frozen, or covered in snow, my mantra for getting through what feels like the longest season…“Get Creative.

So, I found this posting by @vintagehome – Campsite about creating some DIY Yarn Wrapped Hearts. I thought her project fit my rustic and refound decor style so I followed the steps and viola, I made my own.

Just a DIY!

I used a neutral color jute twine and white yarn for my hearts because that’s what I had on hand, but it also fit my winter table scape decor.

My steps...

Step 1: To make these yarn wrapped hearts, you will need a piece of paper (to make the pattern), cardboard(I cut my cardboard shapes from a cardboard box), tape, scissors & yarn (jute) of your choice.

To begin, I folded my piece paper(ledger paper) in half & drew half of a heart shape near the fold of the paper.

I cut out the heart & traced it on to the cardboard. Then I cut out the cardboard heart shape.

Above: The heart pattern and several cardboard hearts used for my string hearts. Note: You will need a cardboard heart for each string heart.

Step 2: Begin wrapping your heart with the string. To secure the yarn, I taped the end of the yarn to the cardboard heart.
Now, you just start wrapping the string. Continue wrapping until you have completely covered the cardboard heart.

This is what your heart will look like when it is completely covered.

Step 3: When the heart shape is completely covered to your satisfaction, cut the string/yarn & wrap the string back through a wrap and tie a knot. You can use this side for the back. (Sorry, no photo for the tie off.)

That’s it folks! A fast & simple project!

I thought they turned out so cute to use for Valentine’s day decor. If you follow the steps at she tells you how you can add some string/yarn to create a hanger so you can hang them up or add them to a garland.

I used my string hearts in this black dough bowl & added them to my winter table scape. I like how they complement my neutral decor & add another layer of texture.

I hope this inspires you to try this project and maybe to use some red, pink, and cream colored string or yarn.

I hope you enjoyed this winter project for ‘My wild west stylin’ for my wild west livin.’

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