It’s A Galvanized Thing!

August 10, 2018

Milk Cooler close


I’m a junker and love junking.

I love the thrill of the hunt, at finding that perfect piece of junk,

as much as finding that perfect something you can’t leave without!

This would have been one of those times I went junking that I looked at this galvanized something and decided that I needed it.

I love galvanized anything!

I love galvanize buckets!

Galvanized buckets are so darn cute


filled with so much rustic charm!


D-Room with a view


I love finding that perfect vintage treasure.

It seems, I always envision galvanized buckets with flowers.

The perfect combination!

A little something rustic and a little something pretty.

Maybe it’s a floral affair;)


Vintage Milk Coolers and Flowers


Milk Cooler4


On one of my junking expeditions, I came across this vintage something.

It looked a bit like a galvanized garbage can.

I was told by the seller of this vintage treasure that it was an old milk cooler.

The inside is lined with styrofoam.

Milk coolers were used on the stoops or front porches and when the milk man arrived, he left the bottles of milk in coolers to keep the milk cool.

This is what I was told.




Even with the splattering of paint on the front…

I took it home.

It has been left as is, not to destroy it’s rustic character.


Milk Cooler 2


I’m kind of just loving it as is!

What do you think?

I think I might put flowers in anything.


Milk Cooler up close1


Used as a vase for fresh cut flowers in my dining room


stacking it on an old pink bench…

Milk Cooler8


I think it looks a bit cute.


Milk Cooler and chair


A little Rustic and Refound!

I have a multitude of things that it will be used for when not holding a jar full of flowers.

A little wild west stylin’ for wild west livin’!


Happy Friday!



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