A DIY Rustic Candle/Sugar Mold

Sunday, February  9, 2020


A little DIY project from the Rustic and Refound.


number 1 long view of DIY


A home DIY decorating piece is my favorite!

My life is all about simple, easy ways to decorate.


Darker view of DIY


To fuel my obsession with candles and candle light,

I’m always on the hunt for ideas to create candle holders.

My obsession with the ambiance that flickering candles

bring to a room, brings me create the warmth

for a whole lot of cozy for the long winter evenings.


DIY candle holder2


When its cold and gray, and I repeat cold…

I like to turn the heat up and light a few candles.


DIY candle H6 end view

I am a HUGE candle girl.

I love the flickering, warm light that candles bring.

Candles warm up a room.


number 1 long view of DIY

Since I like to group candles…

This brought me to my DIY rustic sugar mold.

And…that wild hair…

Set my creative juices to turn a remnant board/post

with a perfect patina into a rustic sugar mold with farmhouse charm.

I think I’ve told you that I love the rustic and refound!;



My piece of lumber was already precut at

30 inches long and is a 3.5″ X 5.5″ board.


Candle DIY knot hole 7


My wood post isn’t perfect.

There are holes, cracks in the wood,

notches, plenty of knots and some missing chunks.

After measuring the distance of the board,

measuring and determining where I wanted my holes…


holes in DIY

I drilled my holes using two types of bits.

Since I wanted my holes to be 2″s, I began with a 2″ hole saw.


drill bit


I then used a paddle bit to router out the holes to 1.5″s

and to a desired depth for my votives.

paddle bit

You can see that my paddle bit was much smaller.

I then needed to chisel out the remaining wood to complete

a 2″ hole.

Sounds a bit complicated?


But I managed.

There maybe an easier way.

I’m still researching and experimenting.:)


holes in DIY

Next, I sanded all the edges with a power sander

to remove sharp corners and splinters.


view of DIY 1 hole

Using a gel stain (Minwax, Aged Oak).

I rubbed the Minwax on spots that I wanted to darken,

like where the wood may have been handled repeatedly or to age the wood.

I was careful not to remove the original grayed patina of the aging timber.

(You can see the graying wood above)




Once I was satisfied with the look of the wood, using a wax,

I rubbed the edges to smooth and polish the piece.


candle DIY1

IMG_3647End view DIY


I hope you like my DIY sugar mold project.

I currently don’t have a house to stage my piece in.

I will later share this project in my new home.

I like this little piece and it fits…

A little wild west styling for a little wild west livin’.


“Create whatever causes a revolution in your heart.”

~Elizabeth Gilbert

Thanks for stopping by my blog.




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