Spring Decor and Vintage Charm to a New Kitchen

Monday, March 1, 2021

Happy March 1.

We are another day closer to spring and enjoying some warmer weather.

I’m sure my horses are ready for some warmer weather, and not be stuck in their stalls and wear heavy blankets. I know spring is in the air when their hair starts to “Slip,” that is when they begin to lose their winter coat of hair. This past week had me a bit under the weather and didn’t find me doing much. Just taking care of my old horses.

Could Spring Be In The Air?

March is pretty much the start of spring and spring inspiration over here. And today, it is all about inspired spring decor in an aged grayed tool tote.

I love vintage decor. You know. Something a little old and worn around the edges. A something that wears the original patina especially if it involves chipping, peeling, worn shabby old paint. Something that has lived a long and prosperous existence before you ever met it. If only it could talk, and tell you it’s stories before you.

Yes, my tool tote is aged, but I love how it shows it’s time aged patina.

Sometimes when I find something that really speaks to me, I begin to imagine all the possibilities that I might do with this vintage-y find.

I know…

Crazy, right?

It all started with this Bakery sign that I stenciled.

I thought I would tuck it in behind my kitchen range, but something about this rustic sign just didn’t work well in my new more modern kitchen.

Ugh. Sorry about the yellow color of this photo!

And then…as I began to give up, that bakery sign landed in this tool tote. Low and behold the wheels of creativity began to turn, slowly I might add, and my mind went, “What if I…”

I Gathered and Added…

Yes! I elevated the sign so that you could see the letters, added some faux greenery, a pretty towel given to me by a sweet friend, a candle, Easter napkins, faux carrots, and wooden spoons.

Something was missing.

You can’t have a Bakery without a rolling pin, can you? So. In. It. Went.

Usually I would find this vintage tool tote with flowers.

I think that’s the best part of vintage finds is that they can be so versatile. When you can multipurpose these items you are SO much more likely to appreciate them if they are actually useful. Let your imagination run wild.

Find vintage items for your home that you can use as well as display other items. They are unique and creative and full of personality and character.

Vintage finds are the best storytellers…with timeless experience.

No one else has something exactly the same–especially when you create a project with them.

Just because a vintage tool tote and a stenciled sign…this is where the story began.

I hope you enjoyed how I used my vintage tool tote &

this inspires you to use those vintage finds in your own home.

A little wild west stylin’ for my wild west livin’.


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