Western Wednesday



Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Welcome to Western Wednesday!

An interior decorator, I am not!

I once told you that I love western décor, chippy items,

the rustic, cowhide and things I can “refound.

I live in the West and love the western way of life.

I’m sappy for sunsets and old board corrals.


sunset 1sunset2


For the  first half of my life I lived on my family’s ranch.

I feel at home with the western life style as I feel that it is a part of who I am.

 I love the comfortable feeling that this type of décor brings to my home.

Isn’t our home décor a reflection of who we are?


I enjoy horses and cows and one of my favorite hobbies is team roping.

turning cows out 2

turning out

Turning the girls out to pasture.

When we think of the west, we often think of or the wild west,

of cowboys and Indians.

The western style has a rugged elegance and authenticity that speaks to its roots.

With sensibility and honesty that gives it an enduring appeal.

We don’t always think of touches of the west being in our homes.

If you search for ways to add a western style to your home,

Pinterest is a good place to begin.

You will find it a good source of inspiration like this photo.

Bedroom, Texas limestone construction. Pendleton and Beacon blankets at the Tyler Beard residence near Star, Texas.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Whether the western style or western way of living is for you,

you can show your love for the wild west

from clothing, accessories, and including jewelry.

In our homes; our dishes, rustic furniture,

and style can reflect the small touches of the Wild West.


A Horse Lovers Candle Holders


horseshoe candle holders2horseshoe candle holders

flickering candles 6-18-19


Like the addition of horseshoe candle holders.

If it isn’t something you want to go all the way with,

there are many different and creative ways

you can add touches of the west to your everyday life.

 Cowhides are a stylish way to add Western flare to a home.


back cowhide chaircowhide chair

If real cowhide is not in your budget there are many faux creations.

Cowhide is one of my favorite ways to add Western charm.

Whether they are subtle additions or bold pieces,

they will complement any space.

As an accent, these cowhide chairs add a bit of a

laid back elegance to my dining room.


dining room


How about a cowhide lampshade?




Western homes have been furnished with leather and cowhide for centuries.

Natural cowhide brings warmth to any home

whether it is a modern or traditional interior.

Animal print and cowhide can be a focal point of any setting.


zebra footstool


This antique chair seat is covered in a warm natural brown cowhide.

The pillow (faux lamb) and footstool are both faux animal print.

Cowhide and kilim pillows are a must for leather couches.


cowhide pillow

A fun way to bring some wild west styling for a bit of wild west living.;)



Bringing in nature inspires some of the most rich and beautiful colors.

Adding some natural elements throughout your home will bring the Wild West alive.


Cowhide Beds?


cowhide bed

Yes, please!


These beds will have you dreaming western dreams.

A bit of country chic!


leather headboard


Loving the details of hand tooled leather and the turned posts on this bed.

I love the details and textures.


Up-cycled stirrups will add a fun twist to your kitchen or dining table.

A little Rustic and Refound.



This is how I home.

Creating and furnishing my home with things I love

from the American West.

Working for my brand and maybe add a bit of western romance to my life.

Using my real world experience

to promote authenticity to my western way of living.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my ramblings.




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