We Are Really Doing it, Harry!


Monday, April 13, 2020

Building A New Home!

Figuring out your passion and purpose can be a challenge.


Sometimes when you find your way, the path can change,

leaving you to question yourself,

doubt yourself, and have to start all over again.



I never thought we would be building our dream home!




We have waited about 6 years, and it has taken us that long

or better to get the ball rolling.

We started out with a comfortable little modular for the last 20+ years

until we out grew that little coop.




Believe me when I tell you that this has been a bit of an uphill adventure.

My husband and I heard all the comments from, “Most married couples don’t weather the building storm” to “Why are you doing that?”

“You trying to keep up with the Jones’?”

Well, who are the Jones’?

We wanted a new home!

One that was larger with different amenities.

We didn’t want to move from our current property

which has our barn/shop, horse barn, roping arena,

and a field with a creek running through it.

So our adventure began with the moving of the modular.




With complications that included permits from the state and county …

all which requires timing and their communication

it took over a year for people to understand what we wanted to do.

It all began with humble beginnings!

The final process started this past fall,

finalizing the house plans and moving the modular.

It took an additional month for the contractor to break ground.

Some walls…


…to more walls.


We have made a few tweaks here and there along the way.

Today we are in the third and fourth step of the construction of  plumbing,

electrical, HVAC,  insulation, and drywall install of a ten step process.





We have already started to visualize living in our new home and how we will use it –

imagining what furniture goes where and

how we will entertain friends and family there.

Fireplace Area In the Great Room


Kitchen Area


Dining Room




Someone said, “Growth ain’t for weenies!”

I couldn’t agree more! I can tell you from personal experience

that this has been a trying adventure.

Have There Been Sacrifices?

You bet!

None, that have been seriously too painful.

I have sacrificed my pretty yard!

Only, that the hubby has started making new plans that include a gas firepit.

(Hopefully I can share the vision later with you all.)

This journey has been full of twists and turns.

At times, I have felt certain, and then uncertain.

Strong in my convictions, then very insecure.

Fearless and fearful.

There definitely has been growing pains.

I’m sure we aren’t done yet.

Unfortunately, during this current pandemic,

I have learned a great deal about what I need to be happy.

I am happy with what I have!  Good health!

I don’t need a ton of fashion and fancy things.

I just hope that I feel the same when my house is done.

Blessings to All!

Happy Monday!


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