Rustic Farmhouse Hutch – Restyle

May 10, 2022

This past week I did a little spring cleaning and organizing. One of the things on my list was to clean out the hutch, reorganize and display my collected dishes more cohesively.

Rustic Farmhouse Hutch – A Statement Piece Indeed!

Tucked into the corner of the dining space is my tall step-back cupboard. It is quite tall -seven feet to be exact. She has that rustic farmhouse vibe with a marble shelf front and glass doors for displaying. She is loaded with storage, drawers for linens and silverware, and hidden cupboard space below. She isn’t vintage or antique but has a bit of a vintage vibe. Although it sits in the corner it carries its weight in the great room. It’s a focal point of this space and seen many times over. So, I want it to display my treasures in a beautiful way. When they are displayed in a beautiful way, they add charm and beauty to a room.

Your home represents so much more than just a place to live. I also think that they can tell your story in a personal way of how you do home.

The first step was to empty out the contents and clean and wipe the shelves.

The re-style isn’t just to spring clean, but it is to add beauty, organization, and function. My re-style came from the idea that the before was just a mishmash of collected treasures that just got put in the cupboard without a lot of rhyme or reason other than they were vintage treasures.

Arranging and Displaying – Some Simple Tips

Tip #1 Collections In Cupboards

I gathered meaningful elements, things that are really important to put on display.

Tip #2 Color Schemes-Themes

I followed a simple rule of all one – two color scheme. I gathered up those white dishes, plates, platters, tureens – placed and stacked them on the shelves in a common theme. I worked to achieve a relaxed feel with a similar color scheme – a tonal balance.

Collections On Shelves

Tip #3 Group Like Items

Many of these displayed pieces of china are beloved heirlooms and wedding dishes. A collection can make a large impact when grouped all together. When it comes to collections and everyday display – I love to see those treasures as much as I love collecting. So, I through open the doors!

I like that it is now filled with charm and lots of white, hints of blush pinks, a blue and crystal too.

Tip #4 Stack and Display

I layered them by size and style mostly- and it makes finding exactly what I need easy. Plates of the same are stacked on the bottom since the top two shelves are glass. I figured they would be way too heavy. Plates that are alike were layered in the back of the glass shelves to provide more depth and impact. When I was finished, I added a few seasonal items for interest. A bird’s nest and eggs and a foraged (from my yard) grapevine wreath to an open door.

Happy spring cleaning!

“From out of the ruins… Salvaged and foraged feeds the soul of my home.”

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