Summer Outdoor Spaces

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Ahh summer… The heat is on. We want to continue enjoying our outdoor spaces when we can. Here in North Eastern Nevada we work outside in the early morning and move to the inside as the heat of the day rises avoiding the hot temperatures  or find places to shade up outside like under a big tree or move to porches and patios. Hence, this is why we tend to make outdoor spaces extensions of our homes. We are always looking for ways to pretty up IMG_0786

our homes. In the summer we move to the outside and plant flowers to pretty up our outdoor spaces. Did I mention that I love flowers? Did I mention that I love rustic, junkin’, things with dents, and scratches too? Yep, well I do! It’s often that I like to pair the pretty with the… well not so pretty. And I did. To my husbands dismay I plopped some pink petunias in an old junk bucket. I put it on the patio table for time being. Boy, my husband was not impressed with the bucket and could not believe that I had stuck flowers in a


bucket such as this. Here it is! In all of it’s glory. If that wasn’t enough, being the rebel I am. I added a solar light for ambiance and illumination. 😉

I think I mentioned that I don’t always follow rules, and once in a while I like to shake things up. So if you happen to venture by my back patio and stop for a glass of something cool to get a reprieve from the heat, you might just find yourself looking at one of my rustic and refound pickens’.

Happy Tuesday!

Tammy at R & R



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