Clipboard Art

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Hey there friends!

I was all about a few vintage wild flower prints when things got a little out of hand.

And…one thing led to another.

I wanted to display a collection of vintage wildflower pictures.

Since there are multiples in this set, hence too many to frame, I decided to use a clipboard for the display as

I could quickly change out the vintage print without hassle.

I saved this set of vintage wildflower pictures from when I was teaching.

I’ve always loved them and knew that someday I would do something with them.

Another DIYA Clipboard Refresh

I started with a regular clipboard. I was inspired to do something simple.

So with a little paint…

  1. Using chalk paint, I painted the clipboard white. Giving the plain clipboard a small facelift.
  2. I painted the clipboard with two coats of white chalk paint. Let dry.
  3. Clip your picture/photo
  4. Display or hang

Clipboards are great for holding notes and documents so why not for holding pictures?

Clipboards would work well on a book stand or you could even hang it on the wall using the hole on the back of the clip. This would look great if you had a whole series of them hanging on the wall, either with photos from the same event or all different occasions.

Clipboards look beautiful holding everything from household notes to vintage photos.

Use a clipboard to display messages.

A Mudroom Spring Refresh

So, I have been trying to refresh my mudroom space to give it a few spring touches.

Something a little on the pretty side.

Not only is this room our mudroom, but it also serves as our laundry room and what I consider the potting room (aka the flower arranging room). It connects to our garage just off the yard. So it will be a place that I love to water our indoor plants and maybe do a little repotting of some outdoor flowers.

With granite counters and a large farm house sink, this room will get plenty of attention and a good workout. Maybe that’s how I always envisioned a mudroom being as it totally serves its purpose in our home.

Laundry Area

Flower Arranging Room

First thing, I need to come clean. Technically my “flower arranging room” is not a room. 

It’s just a sink in the space.

A Laundry Room Vignette

With an old Pepsi box, a few plants, and a trio of candles I created a botanical display to accompany my clipboard and wildflower print art.

So…what do you think?

I love to decorate the house with a bit of seasonal charm.

Using what I have, my vintage Pepsi crate, terra cotta pots, small plants and my clipboard art I created a spring vignette.

A favorite vintage find, that was a gift from a sweet friend, the Pepsi crate adds a simple rustic touch to my spring vibe.

A vignette is such an easy way to bring a seasonal look to a room.

With just a few plants, a flower arrangement on the counter you’ve added that touch of spring oomph.

Happy decorating everyone!

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    1. Oh, so glad you liked the idea! Also happy that you were able to take something away from that post! Thanks again for checking out my blog. Hope you had a great Easter!


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