Oh Hey August…

August 6, 2018


I have been MIA for a bit.

Missing… Maybe because the summer heat has had me preoccupied with keeping things wet around my yard and escaping to the air-conditioned house.

Missing…  I took a little break and just rode my horse and roped in my backyard.

Missing … I traveled to Cheyenne, Wyoming for a team roping with my hubby and a bit of rodeo funsies.

After being away for a few days, I returned refreshed and ready to tackle new projects and the unfinished  projects at home like this little chair.

chair bones


You know when something speaks to you? When it tells you to do something fun?

This little something demanded some attention.

Attention in the name of vibrant colors, fun pattern, something bold even for it’s size.

It wasn’t just this naked chair frame when I found it.

It was laying outside on the ground in the frozen dirt, quiet forgotten, wearing old shabby fabric attire.

This little something was just waiting for someone to see the potential.

The yellow finish was worn away in spots and peeling in others.

If you don’t know me, I kind of have this thing for chairs… maybe an obsession;)

I loved the shape of the frame and the curve of the leg with it’s great bones…

and… It was free.

I fell in love! It was mine, all mine! If I would just take it home and get it out of the yard.


Before chair1

With an idea in mind, I set to work on this little number.

I stripped away her stained and tattered fabric,

pulled out the million and one staples holding it all together

until she sat all naked and afraid and without a lot of detail.


chair 2


With a quart of bold turquoise paint, I transformed the frame from soft spoken, from maybe a whisper to something shouting.

Something loud and and proud!


Turquoise chair1

There was a great deal of tinkering.

Mixing the paint, painting, and sanding the bones to distress the newly painted surface.

I distressed the painted bones here and there.

Gave the distressed areas and the rest

of the frame a bit of gel stain to tone down the “in-your-face” turquoise.

The fabric I chose was this authentic Mexican serape blanket.


florals and Serape chair


I wanted this to be a happy piece of something.

The Mexican culture has inspired our desire for bright colors and a fiesta attitude.

With a $20 serape blanket stapled to the frame and a can of turquoise paint, I put a little

fun and fiesta attitude into this chair.

Serape Chair


Perfect as an accent chair to add a pop of color to any room.

Maybe I will serape everything;)


Serape Chair2


With abounding color…

Back of Serape chair1

and a jar full of flowers…

Florals and chair3

What can I say about this chair other than where’s my margarita?!!

It’s bright, fun and loaded with personality.

This vintage arm chair has received the makeover needed.

Like a little wild west stylin’ for a little wild west living.

A little rustic and refound.


    “Create your own style… let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.”

― Anna Wintour

Happy Monday!

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