A Snowy Day

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

I just love spring time.

The birds are chirping, new animal babies are being born, the trees and flowers all begin to bud out, and the grass is growing and greening up.

The sun is shining…

And then…

Yesterday I woke up in the morning to a bit of a surprise. Snow!

Not quite awake, It took me a minute to adjust my eyes and take a mental check of the winter snow scene.

Oh yeah, it’s spring in North Eastern Nevada.

Even though snow is not my favorite anymore, it is a welcomed sight to our much needed dry climate.

What A Monday!

What a way to start a week.

From my trusty iPhone, I couldn’t wait to snap a few quick pics of the trees all covered with the white fluffy blanket of an April snow.

Could mitten weather be back?

For the day?

Maybe for the week?

Just as our lovely little Flowering Plum Trees are beginning to leaf out….snow!

The Flowers of Winter

Sweet budding branches all covered with snow.

Don’t you just love a snow scene?

Now days, more from a distance than up close.

No front porch sittin’ on this day!

I just love the way this little bush with it’s orange berries looks all covered in snow.

So I snapped a few pics of the trees all touched by the snow.

Winter just wants to hang on through a snow in the spring.

Snow is wet and cold. Although, I must admit it can be beautiful.

I guess, just because spring has sprung, doesn’t mean we’re going to just see sunny weather and mild wind conditions.

Spring is about a renewal, and with a renewal you must experience a little discomfort. If that is all there is with a little snow storm, being wet and a brief cold spell, I will take it any day.

You’ve likely heard of the phenomenon of ‘April showers’!  Well, it was an April snow…

“In the depths of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.” – Albert Camus

I wish you all a lovely day!

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