‘The Susie’

Friday, January 8, 2021

Even though I’m a week into 2021, Happy New Year!

Just going to touch on our year in review. Wow! It’s been one hell of a ride. There has been some positive that came of 2020 for me, but not sure how to sum that year up. We all became hermits for a few months -staying home and only connecting with family and friends via social media. How sad is that! Good riddance!

Twenty – twenty-one, hasn’t started off quite so well either. What is to become of all this? With all the negativity going on, I thought would share a bit of of sunshine. With that said, please let me introduce to you … ‘The Susie’ wreath. She’s a ray of sunshine for the best mom!

Bring a part of the West into your home! This item is handmade, which means no two are can be exactly the same. Add a statement to your door with a one-of-kind rope wreath. What a way to say howdy or welcome with this beautiful rope wreath full of warmth and sunshine.

**This is a custom order. Ordered by a sweet daughter for her wonderful – giving mother.

‘The Susie’ has a bold combination of yellow, red, and a pop of blue. She shows her real western heritage and cowboy values in the used quality of the rope. The red roses are a sign of love & pure passion setting her apart from the crowd right down to her chambray bow.

No two wreaths are ever alike. If it’s a custom order or just an inspiration on my part, the hondos will end or sit differently each time. Each rope wreath will not be exact, or duplicated. Each rope is different with individual lay, quality, & maker. The amount of use it was given will also add to it’s individualism. Some ropes will carry very dark marks on them from the dally to none at all. I will get as similar or as close as I can to your inspiration, but I can’t guarantee. If you have any questions, please reach out to me. If you wish for a dimension larger then 18″ please specify and be specific on your floral arrangement.

Cowboys from the ranch to the roping arena have used the ropes I use. Though not washed, they show the “used look”.

Rope wreaths can fit any reason, season, display, front door, back door, entry… they are so versatile… Choose to custom design your own rope decor into your shape, size, width, height, etc.!

Rope wreaths fit any room, indoor or outdoor. if you have an idea, it will be PERFECT!!!

‘The Susie’ looks great on any door.

I wanted this wreath to be big! You know the saying… “Go big or go home!” Well, that’s what I wanted for ‘The Susie.’ I think she says that. Big, bold, but not so big that you can’t see her western heritage.

I want to thank my lovely customer for ordering this custom wreath. It was a true pleasure to put it together, and I hope that her mother loves the design.

With that being said, I have great hopes and expectations for the new year and I’m hoping that ‘The Susie’ with it’s bold & vibrant color combos are a significance for what’s to come.

Sharing a bit of my wild west stylin’ for my wild west livin.’

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