A Rustic Winter Table

Friday, January 22, 2021

A beautiful and warm table scape is something you always want when you are to have guests.

A little moody vibe.

When your home becomes your entire world, rediscover the joys of things that surround you—and the stories they tell. My story begins with a found elk antler shed. This shed antler had a few blemishes that did not add to it’s rustic appeal.

So with a little copper and white paint, It received a transformation.

I am the girl that’s all about rustic, elegant, and pretty and I have no inhibition’s to combining all of them on a tablescape. I’m always inspired by Ralph Lauren. His style often brings a contrast of elements to a space.

Today I used some elegant flowers, votives, and simple dinnerware combined with a rustic elk antler, for unexpected harmony.

Home for me has always been a place of warmth and security and enjoying simple moments with my family. During these times of uncertainty, I’m thinking of you and wanted to share some of the things that I love, that lift our spirits, that keep us connected, that give us hope—that make us happy.

Food and dinning bring us together along with great conversational pieces. Here I think I nailed the conversational piece. The jury is still out on the food.;)

I’ve heard it said that, “Our lives are shaped by the spirit of the home.” I think my home to speaks to my style, things I enjoy that truly lift my spirit. I enjoy the ‘refound’ in things and sharing them with others.

So, for this table I was thinking simple rustic charm. Warm & welcoming, earthy colors and textures…A natures tablescape that allows good friends & conversation to take center stage.

With my rustic and refound item that didn’t cost me anything, except for a little paint that I had on hand, I set a simple table setting.

I hope that this inspires you to set a table, even if it is only for two, with something rustic, charming, and brings you joy. Sharing my “Wild west stylin’ for my wild west livin.”

“It is in the spirit of togetherness that we will rise.” Ralph Lauren

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