I’m Thinking a Little PINK!

March 4, 2017

Hello  Friends,

Happy Saturday…

I’m not the frilly-girly-type, but I do LOVE PINK! 😉 Pink is a feel good color. For me, it’s associated with femininity, romance, a softer side, or childhood. Depending on its hue, pink can be sophisticated, elegant, or youthful and lighthearted.

And since Spring is approaching.

Lately, I’ve been crushing on some amazing pink painted furniture that’s been catching my eye on Pinterest and I’m just loving the statement that pink is adding to a room.

A little borrowed inspiration from Pinterest…

I am loving how this pink goes with brown.

Love brown and pink!



Courtesy of French Country Cottage

Getting a bit bolder!!


Photo borrowed from Pinterest

 I am feeling the inspiration from this chippy, shabby cupboard.


Photo courtesy of Pinterest

This cupboard speaks to me for pretty white dishes.

All different shades of pink, but crushing on them all!


Where do you go for a little home inspiration???


Pink Roses?

I am one of those people who stops at thrift stores, antique stores, or just off the

beaten path‘ shops. I’m always looking for that little something that no one else loves kind-of-thing.

Who knows…you might end up finding something else!

Something you weren’t even looking for.


Every now and then, I get that hankering for this addiction or affliction and I’m off exploring.

In a quick stop by a local antique shop. I  came across my ‘little stool that could’

My chippy pink treasure.


It was wearing that perfect pale pink coat of chipping paint that I think even Rachel Ashwell would have loved.

I didn’t even rationalize this one. Didn’t even care that Mr. M might scoff at it’s appearance of delightful chipping pink paint;)

So…it came home with me.


It has a this handy little built-in hand hold in the top. Makes me wonder what it’s former life looked like.

I took it home and cleaned it up and wiped it down with some soap and water, careful to not knock too much of the chippy paint off.

This little stool has charm!

It the ‘little stool that could’ be put any where and do most anything and look so adorable.

It might not stack up to the inspirational pink pieces that I borrowed from Pinterest, but it just works.

It works in a small space in my dining room holding that perfect piece of silver and

‘roses that bloomed twice.’

Have Wonderful Saturday!

Keep looking for those inspirations!

R & R

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