An Autumn Tablescape

October 9, 2021

I have a whole lot of autumn styling on the brain right now!

So, when I walked into this yard, I knew I wanted to style a fall tablescape here.

The lawn, surrounded with all those aspen trees layered in a slight touch of autumn, had the perfect little layering of fallen leaves.

Beneath The Branches –

October always brings it’s crisp air and signature colors. Part of a true harvest celebration.

I was sure I wanted to use those autumn tones. You know, the traditional oranges, rusts, deep reds, creams with just a pop of turquoise.

What a wonderful meal could be shared beneath these lovely branches surrounded by golden & green grasses.

A Collected Appeal

For a setting as free-spirited as this, somewhat easygoing, I wanted to create a look with a bit of variety. Starting with a couple of turquoise chairs at a sweet worn -chippy white table. Mismatched china, starting with a simple white and a floral motif that reflects the autumn accents across the tablescape and beyond.

A white pitcher filled with vibrant blooms stands out amid the autumn shades of this yard. Yellow sunflowers, dahlias, mums, and a pop of dark lavender catch the eye.

With my iPhone in hand I tried to capture the perfect angle.

On the table a burlap runner lays the foundation. Collected, vintage dishes, plaid napkins, thrifted copper banded glasses and goblets, and white tea cups all curated to please the eye. A table set with a relaxed appeal – an eclectic blend of fanciful touches.

Bring In Color With Candlesticks 

I added height with the tall taper candles in the brass candlesticks, and for added ambiance and additional pop of autumn color – orange/rust taper candles in vintage candle holders. A sure mixing of metals. A mix and match of colors, tones, and textures.

Since we started to have a bit of a breeze, of those Nevada Autumn winds, I did not light the candles.

Create interest and volume by layering different fall elements, like baby pumpkins, gourds, pears, or apples.

Add more texture to your space with cozy blankets & pillows to ensure cozy comfort.

A Table For Two

Spend a delightful fall day enjoying a spread that captures the laid-back bliss of this most pleasant season.

Just a gathering of mismatched china. Not every occasion has to feel ‘formal’ with matchy-matchy. Grab those dishes, set up your table in a casual way for warm seasonal charm.

Seek Inspiration Right Outside Your Door

With folks still staying at home and not traveling as much, we can still be creative in our own spaces of our home and yards.

I hope you find some inspiration in this autumn tablescape to create your own and gather.

Happy October!

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