DIY Bunny Pillow Made From Drop Cloth

March 27, 2022

Happy Weekend!

Spring Easter Bunny Decor

Can you see that bunny shaped pillow sitting on that chair? Can you believe it that this is one of my DIY projects? First and foremost, I love to be thrifty. If I can make something or copy something that I like, I’m going to do it! With Easter just a few weeks away, I’m sure that the Easter Bunny is on everyone’s mind – like mine;) So, when I saw a silhouette shaped pillow of a bunny my mind said – “You can make that.” That’s how this all started.

Made from painters drop cloth, a great farmhouse fabric, and white yarn for the tail. If you don’t know what painters drop cloth is, it’s just such an affordable fabric that looks a bit like linen. A very neutral fabric. All this was made from materials that I had on hand. I did not go to the store for anything! I must say that drop cloth is a pretty great fabric and very inexpensive. I roughly paid about $7.00 for five yards purchased at Home Depot in the painting area. When I say that five yards has gone along way, believe it.

Bunny Decor, Spring Farmhouse French Country Easter Bunny Pillow

I drew the shape or pattern of the bunny onto large newsprint paper, drawing and erasing until I had the shape that was to my liking. I am not an artist, so I hope that this reminds you of a bunny. Because this shape is where I left it.

After getting the shape I liked, I cut the pattern from the drop cloth, and using my sewing machine that hasn’t seen the light of day in 3 years I stitched around the outside. I left the bottom of the bunny pattern open so I could stuff it from the bottom. When I had the bunny stuffed with batting, I simply repined the opening and straight stitched it closed. I know, pretty amazing for me! I turned no seams, nor did I do anything fancy. That’s how I wanted it. A rustic, rough look.

My charming rustic style bunny is a great addition to any Spring or Easter Decor. Hand designed, sewn, and finished with a white yarn pom-pom for a tail, a little unique and styled with just a minimal finishing touch. My bunny’s edges will naturally fray over time.

I hope you enjoyed my DIY bunny pillow decor! Happy Sunday!

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