Cozy Winter Bedroom

January 19, 2023

Friends, sadly spring is not right around the corner. It is still SO cold. After all it is January. So, I thought I would share this quilt set and bedding again. I do love a clean monochromatic look, and a key is keeping it interesting with different layers of texture. I love layers for interest and a feeling of warm – cozy in a room. After all it is cozy season! I love adding velvet touches around the house. From pillows to quilts and throws on the bed. Velvet can always be on repeat over here! Velvet brings a bit of a different feeling than cotton, chunky knits, and flax linen. Velvet always adds a little elegance. It adds that layer of warmth, comfort, and cozy needed for those long chilly winter nights.

 My go-to winter warmth layer on the bed is this rich dark gray velvet quilt and shams. A favorite purchase last spring and is now perfect to warm me up and warm up the bedroom during these chilly winter months. I posted about it here giving more details on this quilt.

It has that hand-quilted quality. This velvet bedding adds an heirloom-inspired look to the western style bed. It isn’t too feminine or masculine – just soft and detailed. The detail of the lattice stitching just adds more depth and dimension to the richly textured velvet. It is bedding that is warm and welcoming.

Chunky Pillows

Layered along the back of the bed, 2 Euro style pillows bring all kinds of squish and comfort. These are simple oversized Euro pillows with a white linen sham for an additional neutral look. I like to mix things up – for a more personal look.

Faux Fur

Faux fur throws and pillows add another layer of warmth and coziness to winter. Faux sheepskin style rugs are lovely on the floor, but they are also perfect on benches and chairs to warm up the seats or backs.

My style – is to mix and match with other pillows and throws adding those rich textures for a complete rustic and elegant Western bedroom.

I believe in mixing and matching pieces in different shades of colors for an elegant, layered look, or coordinate within the same color family for added drama and depth.

Whether you follow trends and the latest of styles, if that is what you love- or choose to stay with classic pieces that you rotate on repeat- if you design a room with things you love- that design will last and last.

Still on the hunt for those elusive nightstands. We currently operate with two small stools where the usual elements like lighting, cell phones, or books might land. If I had nightstands things like candles, flowers and small artwork might appear -all to appeal to the visual senses.

I keep my bedroom furniture pretty minimal. I prefer a cleaner and more restful environment. Cozy. Warm. A restful kind of feeling – where Hygge speaks contentment.

Happy Thursday!

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