Velvety Bedding

May 12, 2022

Your bedroom is not just a place where we start our day and retreat to in the evening. It is a quiet sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. At least it should be.

When we built our house, I had already purchased Western style beds several years back. They actually sat in a storage shed, wrapped up for 2 years, where I would go and sneak a peek at them every so often and dream of them set-up in a bedroom. I actually hauled my beds home in a horse trailer, with horses and hay. They were wrapped well. Although, when we unwrapped this one, a little hay fell out of the wrapping.

Never once, did I think about the bedding that I would put on them. Not until I drug my husband into a Pottery Barn in Salt Lake City, Utah. And… then it began.

My ideas for the bedroom design started off very much western. With western bedding. The western bedding idea came to halt when I began the search for what I had a vision for didn’t come into view. Not at all. I guess I couldn’t see running horses galloping across my bed. I didn’t view that southwest design on this bed either. The colors for me were all wrong. Guess what? They were for the hubby too. He said, “Why don’t you go back to Pottery Barn.”

I wanted layers of soft linens in whites, grays, and neutrals. Soft and serene, more on the restful side. Easy on the eye. I wanted something to accentuate the bed – headboard and not compete with it. I wanted colors that complimented the colors in my home, grays, white, black and soft browns. The neutrals. So, I have chosen grays. I have had all pale gray and white linen for spring and summer and transitioned into winter with this dark gray velvet bedding from Pottery Barn.

It’s All in the Little Details

This dark gray lattice-quilted design currently comes in this gray and a cobalt blue. This gorgeous velvet bedding brings heirloom style to modern-day home and provides the perfect cozy weight to the bedding. It hugs you into a perfect slumber and quality sleep. It definitely has a quality design relaxed in what feels rich in-style. Incredibly velvety soft.

It meets my needs in simple style, and my wants in simple comfort- it’s simply wonderful down to the smallest of details. The contrasting stitch work brings the rich texture to life, extending depth and dimension to all its four corners. Great in quality!

Detailed cross stitching.

It may not be very western in design, but the heirloom look and design works pretty well with this western style bed. That intricate pattern doesn’t compete with the hand-tooled headboard, and the warmth of the velvet that looks like an heirloom layered on top of layers.

This cozy bedding will hang here until it stops snowing and I don’t have to build any more fires. Until then my bed will not get a refresh of summery cottons or linens. Oh yea, I’m still hunting for the perfect side tables/nightstands and lamps… and maybe a rug or two. I’m a little picky.

And did I mention these pieces are currently on sale?

Yes, indeed!

Shop the look here –

Velvet Lattice Quilt & Shams

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