An Easter – Story Book Charm Tablescape

April 5, 2022

Hey friends! I hope your week has started off on a good note.

With the upcoming Easter holiday, I have really been thinking a lot about Easter lately. Easter for me is something that brings me lots of joy and great memories of my family traditions. Growing up on the ranch meant that Easter was a family affair. We all went fishing, had a picnic, and the Easter eggs and baskets were hidden and waiting for us to be found out in the sagebrush.

This is an Easter photo from a few years back. It seems like another era, but a fun filled day even if it wasn’t with my mom and dad.

Story Book Charm

I recently shared with you a family styled Easter tablescape with all the pretty dishes. Today, I thought I would share a fun Easter tablescape fit for some littles.

This is my Easter -Story Book Charm tablescape. I know Easter is not just about the Easter Bunny, dying eggs, decorated baskets, and chocolate bunnies. However, a great deal of it surrounds kids. So, I thought I would create something colorful and fun using an Easter story book theme.

Once the theme was settled upon using some seasonal story books, I wanted to use natural elements like moss, eggs, & peat pots. I was hoping that these simple elements combined would give that fresh, fun outdoorsy vibe – give the table an outdoorsy picnic look. Like some that I can recall from my childhood days. I also wanted to incorporate some bunnies & plastic carrots for candy.

Once the moss was on the center of the table, I established each place setting with white drawing paper. After reading fun Easter stories, kids can create their own Easter story with a little drawing and writing on their own. So, pencils are placed on the moss, and jars were filled with markers.

For the center feature, I used a children’s book that had seen better days. I taped the falling out book pages together in an accordion fashion so it would stand on its own. (A little secret to this book, it is written in a foreign language. How cool is that?)

Here and there, I tucked in small plastic eggs filled with goodies. I used simple glassware, white and green splattered printed plates along with white plates as chargers, simple Easter themed napkins and silver spoons on top of the white drawing paper. And yes, I used real dinnerware.

Just a simple, fun look.

Story Time

Did you get books in your Easter Basket? I did. I think that is part of the reason for this Easter theme.

Let’s keep reading to kids!


There are so many benefits to creating, reading to, and reading with children. It can be an adventure all on its own. I’ll stop at the importance of building literacy.

 This tablescape probably wouldn’t last too long with 4 kids before they were off like rockets. However, it would be fun to see what they would do! This would be my adventure in itself! Hope you enjoyed the thought behind today’s post.

Happy tablescape Tuesday!

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