A Nature-Inspired Easter Basket

March 21, 2022

Happy 2nd day of Spring!

Easter is just a few weeks away!

I wanted to pay tribute to springtime with a riot of color from some vibrant purple pansies. I may have been dreaming of purple hues that will give your Easter table that extra pop for spring.

Make it unique and pretty, a small, simple seasonal centerpiece. A small basket was potted with small spring flowers: pansies. An adult Easter Basket.

There is something to be said for simple. Sometimes those simple things are the sweetest.

Showcase some spring flowers and some glittered Easter eggs. A simple styling of a couple of pansies, moss, and glitter eggs.

A Simple Construction

I started with a basket from my stash. It has a great Easter Basket shape and a plastic liner.

Step 1

I placed some plastic bags in the bottom to provide a little lift for the pansy packs and to help with water drainage.

Step 2

Place a pack of 2 or 3 pansy plants into the basket.

Water! Water your pansies well before placing them in your basket.

Step 3

Tuck in small tufts of moss to hide plastic nursery packs.

Step 4


Just 4 components and 4 simple steps. So pretty, and perfect for the season! Basket + pansies + moss + Easter decor = A Nature Inspired Easter Basket centerpiece

I’m keeping my gardening on the small side right now, since we received snow on the first day of spring.

Happy almost Easter!

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