A Rustic Ranch Table Setting

May 4, 2022

Well, I was reaching for that rustic ranch elegance, maybe a little on the Ralph Lauren Western design. As you know I love old world classic decor and simply adore the Western style design.

While searching the worldwide web and browsing Pinterest, I noticed that there are several styles to consider when decorating for your Western Style home. You can choose from a rustic cowboy hideaway – that calls to a little cabin in the hills, maybe a Western lodge style, or rustic cattle ranch. There is even a style for you called, Cowboy Kitch. All these styles can capture the warmth and charm of the Old West. In other words, there are several ways you can decorate in Western Style without feeling that you are living at the OK Corral.

I decided to put together a rustic cattle ranch table styling using just what I have available to me.

Where I Started

The foundation layer began with a woven leather table runner that embraces the browns, reds, and creams. From here things just fell into place. In the center of the table came a metal serving tray with a rope edge surrounding stamped cattle brands. A real vintage branding iron was placed down the center. I used rustic post candle holders wrapped with vintage barbed wire for conversation, nostalgia, and to help create that bit of rustic ambiance during the meal. Western style decorating usually uses wood, rock, leather, and metal in abundance. I think I got most of that covered.

Western heritage is deeply rooted in the ranching industry, so couches and chairs typically feature leather and hides. I have a little of that too.

My Rustic Haven

The Place Settings

Brightly colored serape style placemats with colors reminiscent of the painted desert and cactus set the stage for the plates. These serape placemats add instant color and a western feel to the dining table.

Hence, this is where all the green and red plates come in.

The napkins are tea towels with a steer, horses and a chuck wagon motif. The napkin holders are new ear tags for calves. I grabbed these from our cattle supplies and quickly drew our family brands on the tags. Using leather string I tied them to the tea towel. Just a quick DIY. One tends to get creative when you can’t find your nice Western style napkin rings.

Thrifted green goblets were added on bright red leather coasters.

Let’s Break Some Bread

To get all the cowboy vibes and adding fun and color, I filled a breadbasket (wrapped in red and yellow bandanas) with a Jalapeno Cheddar loaf. I used a vintage ironstone dish for the butter.

Serving joy through my rustic ranch decor

Rugs with a southwestern design and cowhide rugs go well with the Western style. Native American artifacts and collections make great displays in the Western home.

Additional votive candles were added for more rustic ambiance. So, turn the lights down, light those candles and toast to some rugged conversation and great food.

My Home

Western style decor – ranch style.

I’ve used a modern piece, a bucket with a Western style engraving and seasonal spring flowers for additional charm. I am a big believer in using and enjoying fresh flowers as much as you can. 

Who says rustic Western decor can’t be stylish?

Western home decorating ideas suggest an accent on anything that is old and antique, but rugged in looks and nature. I kind of think my DIY-ed custom post candle holders have this covered as well. I have created my own accessories that will add Western character to any home. Candle stands, complete with vintage – rusting barbed wire on old wooden posts.

With colors reminiscent of the painted desert, and clear southwestern skies, comfortable natural furniture pieces instead of ornate ones, your Western home will feel relaxed and inviting.

For more of the authentic Western look, you can add saddles, bits, spurs and vintage stirrups. Other accessories with decorative details such as barbed wire, fringe, and nail heads all work well in the Western home.

So, lets ring the dinner bell and enjoy an evening of laughter and conversations that will linger a bit longer…Western style.

I hope you have enjoyed my rustic ranch table styling and have given you some ideas on how to use Western style in your home.

Happy Western Wednesday!

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