Lovely Lilacs – The Color of Spring

Thursday, June 13, 2019


A bouquet of fresh cut lilacs…

They are absolutely charming and beautiful anywhere!


lilacs 6-13-19


Their delicate pale violet and vibrant purple blooms are covered

with dainty star shaped blooms

and have quite the most intoxicating scent.


lilacs close-up 6-13-19


These lilacs have double blossoms and are as beautiful

as they are fragrant!



lilacs in room 6-13-19


Lilacs are one of my favorite blooms.

Their delicious scent invites you to cut them and bring them into the house.


lilacs in dining room 3


Lilacs are special, as they remind me of my mom.

She loved lilacs as well and had many bushes around her property and yard.


cabinet image


My lilacs were grafted from my mother’s yard so many years ago.


6-13-19 dining rm hutch


In the dining room a simple gallon jar filled with lilac goodness.

Shimmery candle light in votive holders from PB.


dining rm4 6-13-19


Just pretty purple blooms.


lilcs on dining table 6-13-19


Every year when the lilacs bloom they fill the yard with the most amazing scent.


lilacs in yard 6-13-19


I have both the purple Lilacs and the white ones in my yard.




lilac bush 6-13-19


My lilacs are a bit behind this year due to all the cold, wet,

rainy weather we had this spring.

Gorgeous by themselves.

Just a garden favorite!

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