A Floral Note and Unexpected Finds

Thursday, April 22, 2021

I just couldn’t resist!

I can never resist gorgeous tulips, and now’s the time of year when they’re often plentiful and just so beautiful!  

So, I purchased a handful of bright pink tulips at my local market for $4.87.

Once I got home, I re-cut my tulips and simply plopped them into a favorite container and filled it half way with room temp water.

I heard that they like the room temp water best.

Now, when it comes to a container – I think I have stated that I’m always on the hunt for interesting containers/vessels for flowers.

So, when I found this teapot in the sales section at Marshalls, because it was missing it’s lid, I found a keeper.

$6.00 was a steal of a deal. Don’t you think?

And…. It is lovely with it’s fluted top and golden trim.

It reminds me of the teapot in Beauty and the Beast, Mrs. Potts

I think I will call “her” Mrs. Potts

This little gem fit right in my humble collection of mis-matched vintage pitchers, cups, and sugar bowls.

All are just the right mix for any seasonal flower display.

Isn’t she pretty on a stack of books?

Even better, I think my teapot looks a little vintage.

A Floral Encounter

When it comes table top decor- I like it simple. I don’t generally leave it just the same as where it starts at the beginning of a season. Things get moved around A. Lot!

Flowers are added when the season and styling changes. So a key thing for me is keeping it simple with basics that will work with most everything.

I know… things should be grouped in odd numbers.

I shopped my house, but found nothing to accompany this grouping.

So, I liked it as is.

A Little Unexpected

By adding this half-burned wood burl that is rich in texture and color creates a little character. I love bringing nature into my modern farm house. It creates a big effect and is a great conversation piece. I think I might even like it as a finishing touch to a stack of books, added in a bowl, or a basket.

A little rambling today, about pretty pink tulips, and great unexpected finds.

Just some random thoughts on how I do home and the unexpected.

What is your favorite spring flower?

Happy Thursday!!!

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