Sharing What Nature Has To Offer

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

A Gathering of the Tumbleweed

A simple foraged arrangement.

Out in the middle of the sagebrush sea of the Great Basin, in the great Nevada Desert, are my undying love of the odd and wonderful in this rich state.

It may even include the tumbleweed.

The tumbleweed is evocative of the sweeping prairies and the wild west and is well known to the Great Basin Desert.

I like to call this rolling plant with it’s prickly points, “The Desert Renegade of the West.

Tumbleweeds are free agents in the wind as they are most often briskly escorted across the deserts and prairies.

Tumbleweeds haunt the deserts and mingle in sagebrush oceans.

Not quite valued and mostly worthless.

Yes, and most people have a great aversion to this plant as it can literally leave a thorn in one’s side.

Tumbleweeds, these desert dwellers, gather and congregate in the fences after the wind and pile in corners like a bunch of shy teenage girls.

All the while, these renegades of the west sit and decay, waiting for the next wind that might disperse them and their seed to another desert obstacle.

A Dried Botanical

Foraged from nature, the tumbleweed brings an element of rustic surprise indoors.

Look at the mix of those colors!

The white bowl layered with the decayed…of dark golden tones, even brown, to the faded and light.

Loving the tones of neutrals and woods.

And… the texture is well provided.

Weathered beautifully in nature with the sun’s bleaching, my dried botanical is a true rural and rustic find.

It adds just the perfect rustic vibe.

Rustic and Refound

Combined with my rustic and refound well weathered bench, these two bring a type of soulful piece of nature inside.

If you can have one tumbleweed, why not two?

I say, “Forage your garden, fields, and yard to find dried elements that inspire you to create.” 

If you choose the “Renegade of the West” remember to handle with care. She’ll bite you and sting you the tumbleweed of the west. You may even want to use garden gloves for protection.

I hope you enjoyed this posting of my foraged dried fauna. Today’s ramblings are meant to give you some humor, but also provide you with some inspiration to create and gather.

Remember, I’m just sharing what nature has to offer… and where my wild west stylin’ is for my wild west livin.’

Happy Tuesday!

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