Early Autumn on the Table

September 14, 2022

In the pitcher – just a bunch of weeds.

September 1st means it is all about autumn over here. And you know it’s already in the middle of the month. I have been seeing a lot of early autumn decorating and so, I started delving in it a bit more.

Adding those dark greens

I am in love with how those dark greens bring a charming touch to autumn decor. Simple and pretty and you can add them in a few minutes- it makes it easy to bring a festive feeling to the kitchen, dining table -or anywhere you place them. The buffalo check looks perfect for a farmhouse, country, cottage or cabin. This classic farmhouse tablecloth is full of the casual farm charm.

Linens add another layer of style to your table.

The changing of the season brings to mind dark moody hues and cozy textiles.

Colors of fall

Add warmth and texture to any fall display with primitive pumpkins.

Decorating your home for autumn with the warm Colors of Fall – orange, green and brown just say autumn. Set the mood at your next gathering with these cozy seasonal vibes. 

Wheat on the table

Bring in some wheat. Place a bundle of wheat on the table to add more to a simple centerpiece, just an easy seasonal touch. Wheat is always a pretty idea for autumn. Bundles of wheat are charmers and just say country or farmhouse.

In a pitcher

In a pitcher or vase add some golden foraged grasses. An easy seasonal touch with all the colors of fall.

If less is more –

Bring those autumn tones in with cozy candles and pears wearing those golden colors.

Just keep it simple! Simple 20-minute autumn decor.

More autumn coming your way… stay tuned!

Happy Wednesday!

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