Weekend Roundup: A Valentine Bouquet & A Dessert Table

Saturday, February 6, 2021

These simple grocery store roses have been a guaranteed head-turner and too pretty to not style again and again.

Setting the table for guests or just for two, this was an all of 5 minutes and some $9.00 roses from the grocery store. A dessert table in the making. Now all I need is the dessert.

With some candles and valentine decor, your dessert table is a go!

Okay- it was probably more like 10 or 15 minutes after finding all the elements for everything.
But basically, it was a quick job either way. And since I am running around like a wild woman, sipping on extra coffee and juggling dishes – I’m trying to bring you a little 5 minute decorating tips done on a dime – so to speak.

 You know, maybe when your friend texts and says she is randomly in the area and is coming by with coffee & a chat.

Dish Towels, Votives, & Simple White dishes

Yes, a white & red plaid dish towel became my “table runner,” copper votives, a pitcher of roses, & wooden block that I painted with a red heart became the centerpiece for a valentine desert table. I stacked my dishes and layered on the cloth napkins – done!  This is something you can incorporate in a snap. 

For a little extra luck & a run for the roses table scape, I threw in the dish towel with a horse shoe and a vibrant red rose. ‘More on the western romance.

Seriously though- decorating your table for guests or a theme doesn’t have to be involved or take a ton of time to do. Just a few elements you may have around the house add that special sprinkle of love.

Need an invite?

No problem!

Next time I’ll be sure to bring the dessert;)

Happy Saturday everyone! XXOOs

I hope you enjoyed my sweetheart tablescape. Love sharing my tips from my wild west stylin’ for my wild west livin’.

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