A Summer Bedding Refresh

July 26, 2022

A Mini Bedroom Refresh

I like to welcome summer’s burst of sunshine with a new look in my bedroom. This post is a long time coming! I have wanted to share a summer refresh. I think every season is an occasion for a fresh styling and that means new bedding and maybe a quick refresh on the paint. It is all about a new look- with a quick change. Quick change of a duvet cover, new crisp sheets, a few pretty cozy linen shams, and florals on repeat.

A Favorite Look

But wait… I found some inspiration that put my creative juices into overdrive. Now if you know me, I’m all about a great western styling, but this inspirational look didn’t come from a western style. A little French-country??? A whole lot of pretty! The blue, the soft neutral-natural shades of the Euro Shams, the pink and floral pattern play. It just gave me a that pretty summer mood. The. One. That speaks LOUDLY!

Graham Sanderson Interiors

I tend to start with a single piece that kicks off the inspiration for a room. And in this room- I was inspired by the beautiful bedding – fabrics from Graham Sanderson Interiors. Now Graham Sanderson Interiors is a UK based retailer. Not something that just any country girl from Nevada is going to be able to purchase and possibly afford. So, I set out to do my best to ‘copy’ this look.

Did you notice all the details on this bedding and curtains? Well, I sure did. From the little white pom-poms on the Euro shams to the sweeping little fringe on the bottom of the curtains. The mixing of these colors – all of this is so lovely. I love the gilded table, floral picture, and the portrait above the bed.

Now I didn’t recreate the entire room, just the bedding.

Where I Started – The Floral Pattern Play

My dup bedding is all about pretty patterns. It involved an allover paisley pattern of blues and greens on the lush Jordana Duvet Cover. This was my jumping off point and as close as I could find to replicate the bed covering from my inspiration photo.

When mixing patterns, I used this rule of thumb. To mix patterns it is best to incorporate different sizes. You don’t want two large-scale designs competing for attention. However, a large paisley will look fantastic with a small, very regular, floral motif, or paired with a graphic stripe, check, or geometric design. A good balance of proportion is key. If your primary fabric is a bold print, tone it down by pairing with softer versions of colors in the print or kick it up a notch by mixing in brighter solids that enhance the overall impact.

This is where I added new sheets in a soft white with a gray geometric design. The bedroom really came together with the most delicious layers of linens from Pottery Barn. All of the cozy Belgian flax linen shams are from Pottery Barn in soft natural, mineral blue, and pink – colors pulled from the duvet. Nothing beats the enduring style and comfort of heirloom look and feel of linen, which only gets softer with time. A Monique Lhuillier Tuileries Percale Sham named after a Parisian Garden has been thrown into the mix for the pattern play. This sham is represented with flowers and butterflies and inspired by antique French textiles; it celebrates the beauty of nature along with its exquisite tailoring.

This bedding was all about layering. Layering the colors, textures, and patterns.

Just Some Details

Detail love: One of my favorite details aside from the lace edging on my pillowcases are the pom-poms lining the edge of the Euro shams.  This is where my DIY came into play. I purchased 7 yards of pom-pom ribbing. Each sham needed 3.5 yards to complete the look. Using fusible iron-on tape, I ironed on the pom-pom detail myself then hand stitched for more security and washability. This adds another element to the overall look. A touch of whimsy.

Warm & Welcoming

In my attempt to mimic my inspiration photo, I paired the blue/green Jordana Duvet with the large pink/blush lumber pillow that instantly makes the bed feel much ‘warmer’ in contrast to the blue.

Crisp and Clean

For a crisp and clean feeling – bring in the cooler colors like blues or faded greens. The Jordana duvet with its blues and greens adds that crisp and clean feel as well as elegant layer to the bed. It is woven of soft cotton, it’s smooth and cool to the touch, making it an ideal layer on cooler nights. On those warmer summer nights, it is just lovely, folded back at the foot of the bed.

Another layer of crisp and clean… A soft white Matelassé bedspread is folded at the foot of the bed giving the bedroom that feel of being restful and quiet in comparison to the lively paisley and floral print. When it comes to bringing a fresh summer style to the house, I am all about adding that pop of crisp white.

I love the serene feeling this combination created.

Once again, the pink instantly makes the bed feel much ‘warmer’ in contrast to the blue.

Bed Styling Tips

As you can see- just a simple change makes the bed and room feel different. This new bed styling brought light and bright in the room. I love the serene feeling this combination created.  This eclectic mix is a favorite look of mine.

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Shop the elements I used in this room –

I am all about texture and layers.  I prefer a somewhat simple and neutral look- with a pop of vintage, mixed with my western look. Layers, vintage, western, neutrals and a great patina on anything are some of my favorites.

I hope I have inspired you to make a change in your room. Maybe pull from an inspirational photo as I have.

Happy Tuesday!

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